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Rapper Mack Maine reveals he was almost aborted by his mother

Will we speak up, too?

Scene from the "Celebrate" music video

Scene from the “Celebrate” music video.

MTV has reported that Mack Maine’s mother nearly aborted him. At nearly the last possible moment, she changed her mind and walked out of the abortion clinic.

Mack Maine is the thirty-year-old president of Young Money Entertainment and a rapper. Recently, he released a single entitled “Celebrate” with Lil Wayne and Talib Kweli. (Warning – there are explicit lyrics in the song.) The song talks of new days, having a purpose, and of getting your life right before death comes and you meet God.

The song also takes a pro-life turn, with the inclusion of part of Maine’s personal story:

So every time I speak, look I try to speak life
Y’all tweaking for broads, I tweak life
They said I was s’posed to die as a fetus
My momma said I bind that Devil in the name of Jesus
So now I’m here just to talk to y’all
Come and stroll with me homie, let me walk wit’ y’all
Ten million ways to die so I chose
To get my life right by the end of the road

On Wednesday, Maine was interviewed on RapFixLive, where he shared the full story behind his song lyrics. MTV reports:

‘My mom was about to abort me. She was about to have an abortion. She was lying on the table and she changed her life at that moment,’ Mack said open and honestly.

Moments before the procedure, the rapper’s mother had a routine consult and immediately changed her mind, choosing to give birth to her son. ‘She changed her life that day, she got saved and became a Christian,’ he said.

Maine’s story illustrates the great strength of women who choose to give life to their children. It also illustrates that no choice is over until it’s truly over. A woman has the right to change her mind about abortion at the very last minute, and she should never let anyone tell her otherwise.

Sadly, there are some abortion clinics – like the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs,which is currently being sued – that refuse to let women change their minds. Some abortions truly are forced, no matter what choice a woman actually makes.

Maine’s story also demonstrates that we all have our own choice to make: will we speak for life, or will we remain silent? We are here. We were given life. Will we use that life to bring others to life as well? As the lyrics of “Celebrate” say:

Harsh reality is what I’ve been through
But I’m not alone, ask her and him too
And they shall tell ya, ain’t nothin’ better
Than the smell of a new day
I know the ocean runs dry and the sky gets dark
And ya don’t see what He’s trying to show ya
And I know the wall may seem tall
But if we help each other I guarantee we get over
And once I’m over, I’ll reach back for my brother
And pull him over as well

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