Rape survivor: If it wasn't for my son, I wouldn't be here

Rape survivor: If it wasn’t for my son, I wouldn’t be here

Many people assume that giving birth to a baby conceived in rape is always devastating to the mother. There is a common assumption that such a child must be a constant reminder of the rape. Women who were sexually assaulted and gave birth to their babies often tell a different story. One sexual assault victim credits her son with giving her a reason to live.

Ashley, who was raped when she was thirteen, says:

I swear if it wasn’t for Aiden, I wouldn’t be here today. He has impacted my life more than anyone could ever imagine at a time when I was falling apart. I was 13 years old, terrified, not knowing what the future would hold for me. Now I’m 16, completely confident in what my future will be as a mommy, a mentor, and a best friend. Now here he is, a week away from being 2 years old. So smart, so big, so full of life, and so happy. God blessed me with him and I wouldn’t want my life any other way. I love my son. Aiden saved me.

All too often, the voices of women like Ashley are ignored in the debate over abortion. When these women speak out, they defy pro-abortion assumptions.

MONICA KELSEY “13-Year-Old Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape, She Has No Regrets Three Years Later” LifeNews JUN 16, 2015

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