Ramona Trevino: Planned Parenthood manager to pro-life advocate

Yesterday we reported on the recent shut-down of a Sherman, TX Planned Parenthood facility – following state budget cuts and the resignation of the center’s former manager, Ramona Trevino. Trevino is quoted as saying that, for months, she struggled “with [her] conscience … on contraception, abortion and [her] role in it all.”

Ramona joins others like Abby Johnson who have left the abortion industry. Abby regularly speaks at pro-life events and has written a book about her experiences called, Unplanned. Both credit members of the 40 Days for Life campaign, who prayed outside their respective clinics, for playing a pivotal role in their conversions.

LifeSiteNews reports:

After the 40 Days campaign came to Sherman, [Trevino] says she went from believing she was providing a service to women in need, to realizing that Planned Parenthood “treated women like cattle and how they only cared about making money” – a realization she says was “long overdue.”

Trevino has already started giving her powerful testimony to pro-life groups across Texas. And good for her! As we now know, Planned Parenthood is most fearful of their own employees speaking out against them, to tell the story of what really goes on inside of their clinics.

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