Quote of the day: Blaming pro-life rhetoric is self-defeating

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This “blame-the-rhetoric” thing is a double-sided sword. If it’s true, then accusing pro-lifers of causing death ALSO logically causes death. Thus, the next time a pro-life woman has a Molotov cocktail thrown at her, she can use rhetoric to blame Linker’s and Abcarian’s rhetoric for causing violence against her. And then they can use rhetoric to blame her rhetoric for blaming their rhetoric for causing violence. And the cycle will just keep going.

The main abortion advocate argument coming out of Colorado Springs is self-defeating. It is logically self-contradicting. Saying, “You cannot make accusations of violence because it causes violence” makes as much sense as saying, “I don’t know a single word of English.”

~ R.J. McVeigh, Students for Life blog, December 3

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