Quote of the day: Why shouldn’t abortion clinics be regulated?

abortion-clinic-hall-2Is it really true that abortion – alone among all surgical procedures –  is so vitally necessary to poor people that regulations that are deemed necessary to protect the health of surgical patients must be ignored to make sure they can have them?…

If so, why don’t we just get rid of all regulations with respect to abortion?… And where are we?

Well, we’re back to… the conditions that existed in Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors that caused several women to die because of lack of State inspections or controls on the abortion industry….

Look, everyone who operates a business gets their ox gored by the regulatory state from time to time. When literally anything other than abortion is at issue, liberals always view these regulations as good and necessary things….

But when it’s abortion clinics’ turn to comply with the same health and safety regulations that apply to everyone else, suddenly it’s a political witch hunt and the worst thing that has ever happened to women. And, paradoxically, it’s also an attempt to send women back to the days when getting an abortion was unsafe. These two things are often said in the same article with no sense of irony or shame.

The reason is simple: they have no interest in the safety of women. Their only interest is in the legality of abortion.

~ Leon H. Wolf, RedState.com, September 9

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