Quote of the day: ‘Why doesn’t the left call the Vatican?’

popefrancis-300x169The left has recently…used the pope as a cudgel in political debate, to mock those who think ‘climate change’ is little more than a slogan for big government and redistribution of wealth.

So here’s my suggestion: Why doesn’t the left call the Vatican and ask Pope Francis to weigh in on this one? Ask him when life begins, and if there’s any morality in harvesting the organs of fetuses for research.

One evolving argument of Planned Parenthood, parroted by their media and political advocates, is that if no profit is made, then it is legal to sell the parts for research, since payment goes to defray expenses in transportation of the fetal organs and other costs.

But who cares if it’s legal? I don’t care if it’s legal. Slavery was legal once too, and not just in America, but just about every other country in the world. The powerful have always legalized their subjugation of the less powerful. And in our the modern world, there is nothing less powerful than life in the womb.

~ Award-winning columnist John Kass, “Evil with salad and a nice red,” The Chicago Tribune, July 19

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