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Quote of the day: Is selling aborted fetal parts wrong?

Baby at 20 weeks

Baby at 20 weeks

Surely, I can’t conceive of any other option besides smashing a child from the legs up, ripping out its liver, selling it to a medical researcher, and then pocketing the remaining cash. I mean, certainly treating the child with respect and dignity isn’t an option. Being ethical isn’t a possibility. So, yes, harvest the fully developed infant human for parts like she’s a broken down Buick and toss the remaining bits in a trash can. It’s the only choice you have.

Or, you know, you could display even the faintest shred of basic damned human decency and treat these deceased people like deceased people, not roadkill. I suppose there’s no practical advantage to being a decent person, but I do consider it preferable to being a vulture who picks through the corpses of dead babies and then gabs about it over salad and wine. Although I suppose you’ve already forfeited your humanity when you kill the child in the first place, so why not harvest them? That appears, anyway, to be the chilling rationale here.

~ Matt Walsh, responding to pro-abortion claims that there is nothing wrong with Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted fetal parts for research (or any other purpose), The Blaze, July 15

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