Quote of the day: Hyde Amendment saved over a million lives

Secular Pro-life's Kelsey Hazzard

Secular Pro-life’s Kelsey Hazzard

Proposing legislation that essentially tells one out of every 280 Americans that you wish they were dead is not normally a smart political move, particularly in the year before a presidential election. But they think they can get away with it because of the demographics of that third of a percent: all are under the age of 40, a significant number of them are too young to vote, and by definition, all were born into economically disadvantaged households.

All of those factors suggest a population that has limited political power, certainly far more limited than that of the abortion industry. Compare that to the demographics of the 70 co-sponsors of the Hyde Amendment repeal bill: their average age is 61 and their average net worth is $4.3 million. Only three were conceived after the Hyde Amendment was first passed in 1976.

~ Secular Pro-Life’s Kelsey Hazzard (pictured), commenting on a bill seeking to eliminate the Hyde Amendment (which prevents federal funding of abortion), which has saved the lives of “approximately 1,147,000 Americans… alive today who would be dead if not for the Hyde Amendment,” Life News, July 10

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