Quote of the day: Abortion is a man's best friend

Quote of the day: Abortion is a pro-choice man’s best friend

Stella Morabito (via The Federalist)

Stella Morabito (via The Federalist)

I recall my classmate explaining how hard she tried to find a way to make things work out – to keep the baby and still be able to study and travel with the fellowship she had just been awarded. But there’s no room for choices like that in our abortion culture.

Pro-abortion women cannot and will not help out women who hope for such a happy outcome. Yet they have no problem telling men that they need to support abortion if they want to keep having sex. This was the essence of Elizabeth Plank’s article in mic.com urging men to support Planned Parenthood because: “In a word, sex.”

In the end, the only “choice” pro-aborts offer an unintentionally pregnant woman is this one: have an abortion or give up any dreams of career fulfillment.

Likewise, Katha Pollitt recently argued in the New York Times that more men need to speak up for abortion out of their own self-interest: “Where are the men grateful not to be forced into fatherhood?” she asks.

I can’t think of a more anti-woman stance.

It basically tells men to support abortion on demand because otherwise women would be less likely to have recreational sex with them. Worse, the man could end up in a (gasp!) relationship. It also clarifies that unrestricted abortion is largely about putting men in a better position to pressure their pregnant sex partners to “get rid of it.” Meanwhile, we’re all supposed to look at it as entirely the woman’s choice. This is manipulative garbage, and at some level, women know this and resent it.

~ Stella Morabito, “Why Pro-Abortion Men Are Anti-Woman,” The Federalist, August 25

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