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Quote of the day: Abortion clinic upset over Google ad rejection

Carafem-adA reluctance to run ads mentioning abortion and other reproductive and sexual health issues is not reserved for Google and AdBlade. In 2014, four companies were barred from advertising on Twitter because their ads discussed sexual health issues.

Two of those were condom companies, one was an “online birth control support network,” and the other was an STD education organization.

…[T]he Carafem staff thinks it’s odd that the ads were considered too “adult” and rejected.

“Our advertising is not flippant or outlandish. The only thing that’s innovative is the way we’re talking about abortion,” [Carafem vice president Melissa Grant] said. “We’re afraid to speak outwardly that abortion is a service, the way we talk about mammograms or whatever else. By its non-discussion, it’s called out as different. Abortion is not something to be embarrassed about. If a woman can’t see information about a basic medical procedure that she needs, there’s something wrong.”

~ Nina Liss-Schultz, bemoaning Google’s and AdBlade’s decision to decline advertisements for D.C.’s “spa-like” abortion facility, Carafem, RH Reality Check, July 7

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