Quote of the day: There can be no ‘rational middle’ in abortion debate

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It is clear that when it comes to the abortion debate, there is no “rational middle”. This seems like just another attempt by liberal America to find a gray area where there isn’t one. Look at this from either side:

Pro-life advocates: We realize that abortion is the taking of innocent life, but we also must accept that it should sometimes be okay, especially if a woman thinks it is the best decision.

Pro-abortion advocates: We believe that a woman should have complete autonomy over her body and that nobody but her should be able to make a decision regarding her unborn child. However, in some cases, we will recognize the humanity of the unborn and cede that the woman does not have complete autonomy over her body, and thus, abortion should not be allowed during those times.

Are either of those sensible? Are either of those built on sound logic? Of course not, and that’s the rub. There is no “rational middle” in the abortion debate because to move to the middle from either side is, by definition, irrational. If a person believes abortion is the taking of innocent life, it is irrational to condone or even permit the behavior at all, ever. The law should protect innocent life, not allow its destruction. If another person believes that abortion is morally permissible, it is irrational to condone any restrictions on it.

~ Cullen Herout, The Blaze, December 23

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