Quote of the Day: College students use cookies to joke about dismembered babies

Quote of the Day: College students use cookies to joke about dismembered babies

On their Facebook page, UNG Students for Life posted:

“These pictures have shocked and stunned thousands from different media outlets.

Aborted baby cookies, abortion, college, sick humor, joke, dismemberment

Baby cookies, dismemberment, abortion, sick humor

Students for Life has received a significant amount of publicity after exposing the carnal humor of a few members of the Skeptics Society, who presented this display at a Pro-Abortion rally. Sadly, this display is an accurate representation of what dismemberment abortions look like. What this cookie does not show is the screaming baby, trying to avoid the deadly sopher slip–a sad reality displayed through ultrasound abortions. I am sure that most members of the Skeptics Society abhor this kind of sick humor. However, this is a great depiction of the black heart that exists in the Pro-Abortion movement.

Here is a link to an animated non-graphic video that depicts the cruel realities of ‘choice.’ http://www.abortionprocedures.com/

Here is the video UNG referred to:

Popular commentator Matt Walsh also posted his thoughts on these pictures, which can be read and shared here.

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