Quote of the day: It's hypocritical to argue in favor of refugees while rejecting preborn, says columnist
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Quote of the day: It’s hypocritical to argue in favor of refugees while rejecting preborn, says columnist

It’s striking that so many people on the left appear to have limitless compassion for refugees and illegal immigrants yet none at all for babies. I wonder if they might suddenly discover at least an ounce of humanity for the unborn if we started describing them as “fetal refugees” or perhaps “immigrants from the uterus.” …

They believe that screening someone at an airport is a far worse outrage than decapitating them in the womb. They believe that an adult has a right to illegally enter the country across the border, but not through the birth canal, as nature intended. They cry over dead refugee children (a terrible tragedy, to be sure) but in the next breath declare as sacred their right to kill their own children.

To all of this I say: WHAT?

See, this is what happens when you’re pro-abortion. You suddenly lose the ability to coherently make a moral argument…. Because once you’ve argued that child murder is moral, you’ve forfeited morality completely. And you don’t get to pick it up again when the conversation turns to refugees or immigrants.

~ Matt Walsh, The Blaze, February 3

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