Protect our girls: four revelations about Planned Parenthood from Live Action’s investigative video

It’s not just the obvious that’s so shocking about Planned Parenthood’s recent gendercide revelations.

1. Planned Parenthood encourages abortions near the point of viability, simply for gender selection.

Despite the heightened risk of complications for women and the possibility of the baby’s viability, Planned Parenthood encourages late-term abortions (near the end of the second trimester).

In Live Action’s investigative video, PP’s counselor lets the woman know that she has until 23 weeks to have her abortion. Specifically, she informs her that her abortion will most likely be after 20 weeks, since that is usually when gender can be determined through an ultrasound.

So if this woman’s baby is a girl, PP is perfectly fine with performing an abortion on her – even though she may indeed have a chance of surviving on her own outside the womb. The age of viability continues to be pushed to earlier limits. Two famous cases report babies who were born at 21 weeks and 6 days and 21 weeks and 5 days. PP would have happily aborted both of these babies – girls Frieda and Amillia – simply based on the fact that they are girls.

2. Planned Parenthood encourages deceit and disregards rights of conscience.

A headline from Live Action’s video reveals: “Planned Parenthood coaches how to abuse Medicaid to pay for detecting the baby’s gender for a late-term abortion.” The PP counselor gives a rather detailed explanation about how she cheated Medicaid to get free prenatal care before having an abortion with her own baby. She advises the woman to follow her example. Of course, this type of fraud forces taxpayers to fund the “gender-selection” process that helps mothers choose to abort their babies based on gender alone.

When the woman asks if she should tell the OBGYN’s office or the ultrasound technician that she will get an abortion if the baby is a girl, the counselor says that she herself would just keep it quiet and come back to Planned Parenthood.

Because more than likely, they could even, I mean, they could even refuse to continue to see you if you’re just going to terminate.

Clearly, this advice clearly disregards the conscience rights that OBGYNs and ultrasound technicians have to refuse to see a patient who is planning on abortion. Many medical professionals do not want to participate in an abortion by giving a mother the exact information she will use to choose abortion, but Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about this. If you have to commit fraud or engage in deceit to obtain an abortion, PP is all for it.

3. Planned Parenthood makes it obvious that they do not provide prenatal care.

Granted, I think most of us already knew that Planned Parenthood is focused on abortion and not prenatal care, despite any false claims they may make. But could it be any more obvious? PP’s counselor makes it clear that this woman will have to go elsewhere for an ultrasound or any other prenatal care, should she choose to keep her child if he is a boy. Just come right on back to Planned Parenthood for your abortion – nothing else.

4. Planned Parenthood recognizes how developed an unborn child is…in every way.

There is an unexpected confession in Live Action’s investigative video. In talking about the refusal of some doctors to do abortions after 16 weeks, the Planned Parenthood counselor explains:

A lot of doctors you know, they’ll place judgment because of the fact that the brain is already developed, a lot.  Pretty much everything’s already developed.  And then for you to go and terminate…  [Emphasis mine.]

Unborn baby at 16 weeks

The counselor admits that it is a fact that at sixteen weeks, a baby’s brain is already very developed, and that every other body system is as well. Of course, an unborn baby is highly developed much earlier than sixteen weeks, but it’s telling to hear Planned Parenthood admit some truth, at least. And it’s chilling to realize how many babies they kill, despite the truth they know.

Day 22: [H]eart begins to beat with the child’s own blood, often a different type than the mothers’.
Week 6: Brain waves are detectable…
Week 8: Every organ is in place, bones begin to replace cartilage, and fingerprints begin to form[.]
Week 12:  The baby has all of the parts necessary to experience pain, including nerves, spinal cord, and thalamus[.]

Watch the video and pass it on!

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