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#ProlifeYouth tweetfest planned for Thursday

Young people across cross the country are calling for an end to abortion. On Thursday, June 25, ProLife Youth will highlight those voices in its annual #ProlifeYouth Tweetfest.

The goal of the tweetfest is to engage more people in the pro-life movement. Last year, thousands of people tweeted, resulting in a nationwide Twitter trend under the hashtag #ProLifeYouth. The group says:

Our goal is to show the world that the youth are prolife, contrary to what the media portrays! We hope to encourage young people to come out and support the prolife cause and not be afraid to stand up for what they believe!

“So on June 25th we ask that everyone make a status about the prolife cause using the hash tag #ProlifeYouth. Same for Twitter! Let’s do this together, and together we will Stop Abortion!

“Event Starts at 3pm EST. Tweet and post as much as you can. You may tweet and post anything prolife such as quotes, prolife sites, pictures. Just remember to use the #ProlifeYouth hashtag!”


Claire Lejeune,  founder and director of ProLife Youth, says:

“We hope to achieve this same goal and get more people involved in the pro-life movement and hopefully become more active in the pro-life movement and make a wave in the media. Our hope is that through this social media medium we will be able to show that, contrary to popular belief, the youth are in fact pro-life and actively standing up for life.”

The power of social media to engage and unite grows continually stronger. As a generation longing to see an end to abortion, ProLife Youth harnesses the power of social media to propel a nationwide momentum.

The tweetfest Facebook event page provides information on how individuals may join and invite other pro-lifers. On Thursday, ProLife Youth is asking everyone to join on Twitter “to help the youth in this world stand up for human rights, and ultimately end abortion.”

The page includes details of the event, suggested tweets for individuals and for universities, as well as an initial list of Twitter handles for university tweets, although more are invited.

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