Stay classy: pro-tiller abortion group holds Bowl-a-Thon’s Susan Berry reports on one of the pro-abortion movement’s more colorful fundraising ideas in recent memory: the National Network of Abortion Funds’ third annual National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon. Unfortunately, in this case, “colorful” means “completely tasteless”:

If you choose to bowl instead of golf to support abortion, you can opt to be on one of many teams with names like, Bowlin’ for ‘Bortions, Kiss Our Uter-Ass, If Only Limbaugh’s Mom Used Birth Control, No Rosaries On My Ovaries, and teams that contain names for women’s private parts that only Bill Maher feels comfortable saying. Did we hear a certain incumbent president talk about civility once?

Other (relatively safe for work) highlights include “coat hangers,” “Hyde Strikers,” and the “Abowlifacients.” And yes, the organizers approve of all these “brilliant” names. Also NNAF-approved? Bowling in costume as sexed-up priests and nuns.

But if you think that’s the most offensive part, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

[I]f you are more of the “serious” type abortion fan, you can participate by contributing to the George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund, which provides funding for women seeking “later abortion care.” George Tiller appears to be held up as a patron saint, if that term is permitted, at NNAF, which offers this statement of Dr. Tiller’s on its website as inspiration: “Abortion is about women’s hopes and dreams. Abortion is a matter of survival for women.”

Lamenting a death and condemning a murder are one thing, but does NNAF really want to link their credibility to a man whose career was defined by performing late-term abortions for minors as young as ten and letting their rapes go unreported? Tiller was murdered; therefore, we have to pretend he wasn’t a killer who was MIA when sexually abused children needed someone to stand up for them?

Lastly, here’s the cherry topping off this sundae of shame:

NNAF receives funding from more than several tax-exempt foundations, among them the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation which has funded ACORN and the Tides Foundation and Tides Center.

We never hear the end of how churches need to keep their mouths shut about politics lest they endanger their tax-exempt status, but tax-exempt groups on the other side can donate to the most radical, brazenly partisan organizations on the block? Personally, I’m not particularly fond of tax-exempt statuses in general – to me, it smacks too much of trying to buy organizations’ silence – but can we have a little consistency here, please?

These details help give us a clearer picture of the pro-choice psyche: rather than wanting abortions to be “safe,” they lionize one of the industry’s most dangerous icons. Rather than wanting them “rare,” they deem them a positive good through jovial names. Rather than respecting differing beliefs, they see organized religion as an enemy to be mocked. And rather than advocating sexual responsibility, their vulgarity indicates a flippant casualness regarding their view of sex – not exactly the impression NNAF’s more PR-savvy colleagues usually like to project.

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