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Pro-PP comedy show sparks protester showdown

According to the Detroit Free Press, the kick-off performance of “Daily Show” creator Lizz Winstead’s Planned Parenthood benefit tour turned into a showdown outside the Pontiac, Michigan, venue. The participants? Pro-life protesters and anti-life PP supporters ranting about “women’s health.”

First of all, between Ms. Winstead doing stand-up about her abortion to benefit PP and affiliates, and Jon Stewart yelling at Chris Wallace that FOX News viewers are “consistently misinformed,” I hope we can go a little bit further toward putting to rest the “just comedy” myth about “The Daily Show.” It’s comedy, sure, and it’s often very funny and intelligent comedy. It is also, however, comedy with a viewpoint, that is to say, the viewpoint of its creators, writers, and on-air personalities. The show has even come over quite critical of the U.S. House’s valiant attempt to defund PP.

I know nothing about Ms. Winstead other than that she had an abortion and wants everyone to know how totally cool she is with it. I have, however, checked out the tour blog, in which she boasts about great ticket sales in “Boehner country.” (John Boehner is our very vocally pro-life U.S. Speaker of the House.)

“Do you stand with Planned Parenthood?” her blog asks. “If so, you’re in good company.” What follows is a video showing several quasi-famous women, including Sarah Silverman, intoning that they stand with PP. “Families take planning… I should know: I’m a lesbian with two sons, and that took a lot of planning,” quips comedian Judy Gold. Actress Kathryn Erbe, star of the “Law & Order” nobody watches, also chimes in somewhat ineffectually, in a blurry video in which she reads haltingly from a written statement.

Well-known comedian and SNL star Amy Poehler also began stumping for Planned Parenthood recently. A Google search for “Amy Poehler Planned Parenthood” gets 896,000 results, which is pretty good, although significantly less than the 18.3 million results in a search for “Sarah Palin hate.”

It can be discouraging to look around at the culture and find that so many of the people touted as smart, cool, and funny are also anti-life. Meanwhile, we pro-lifers are routinely sneered at as backwards, uncool, moronic, intolerant…  And those are just taken from the subject lines in my email inbox.

You and I know pro-lifers can be — and usually are — intelligent, witty, interesting, culturally savvy individuals. It’s time we let the rest of the world know it, too.

If you’re not already, start using Twitter and Facebook to influence the culture. Post comments on pages like Lizz Winstead’s tour blog. Let the media elite in New York and Hollywood know there is another America out there made up of all different kinds of people, many of whom are not impressed with Planned Parenthood’s genocidal agenda.

Let’s make it our business to let the world know that you don’t have to be cool with killing babies to be cool.


Kristen Walker is Vice President of New Wave Feminists. She tweets as @walkertxkristen and rants about various things on her personal blog.

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