Pro-lifers hijack #PPShoutYourStory; #PlannedParenthood trends for three days straight on Twitter

Since the horrifying video on Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts was released on Tuesday, #PlannedParenthood has been consistently trending on Twitter, with tens of thousands of people tweeting about the abortion giant.

At various points during the last three days, #PlannedButcherhood and #PPSellsBabyParts have also trended. #PlannedParenthood has also remained a top trend on Facebook, with users taking to that form of social media, too, to express and share their outrage with their friends.

Today, #PPShoutYourStory was a new trend, started by Planned Parenthood, but taken over by tweeters sharing personal abortion stories.

So America, keep up the good work – tweet and post the truth about #PlannedParenthood today and tomorrow and every day. Through social media, we can make sure the whole world knows what America’s abortion giant is really up to.

[easy-tweet tweet=”#PlannedParenthood = #PlannedButcherhood because #PPSellsBabyParts. That’s the real story.” user=”LiveActionNews”]

If you haven’t seen the chilling video from The Center for Medical Progress yet, join the more than 2.1 million people who have so far:

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