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Pro-lifers call for investigation of Michigan abortionist in undercover video

Credit: Lynn Mills Facebook

Lisa Harris Planned Parenthood Center for Medical ProgressMichigan abortionist Lisa Harris was secretly recorded by the Center for Medical Progress, stating that all “research projects” at her Planned Parenthood affiliate must be approved by their VP of medical services and that, “All research projects pay… for the effort but there’s never been like a per specimen fee.” Harris expressed concern that “research regulations” “get in the way.”

Because of Harris’s comments, some pro-life groups are calling for the Michigan Attorney General to investigate the abortionist. Planned Parenthood has denied any wrongdoing but the 50 pro-life activists who gathered in front of Harris’s clinic recently are not convinced.

“I think there’s evidence to the allegations we’re making and we believe this is something that needs to be looked into,” Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society who organized the event, told “In the video it says quite clearly what she’s doing.”

Lisa Hope Harris Press COnference abortion 681203209_n Credit: Lynn Mills

Planned Parenthood receives $528 million federal tax dollars annually and pressure is mounting to have them defunded after a steady flow of shocking video has been made public from the Center for Medical Progress and other sources.

“I don’t believe Planned Parenthood could be what it is today without the millions of dollars they get from the federal and state government,” Pro-lifer Lynn Mills, who also helped organize the press conference, said. “They need to be cut off.”

Mills, who is the director of Pro-Life Detroit, told Live Action News that she would like for every pro-lifer who reads this story to “call 517-373-1101 and tell Attorney General Bill Schuette to launch an investigation.” Mills added:

The words that came directly out of Lisa Harris’ mouth alone should prompt an investigation. Harris herself challenges fetal tissue regulations and how they restrict what she can do. In past interviews with media outlets that I have listened to, Harris has bemoaned all abortion restrictions claiming abortion operators should be able to self-govern and self-rule. Well, is this what you get when you self-rule? Abortionists selling baby parts?

A representative from Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck’s office said the senator has forwarded the video to the attorney general and requested that he investigate the matter further. Colbeck has also introduced a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in Michigan by halting any state money flowing to the organization, according to

As previously reported, abortionist Lisa Harris once described doing a late-term abortion while pregnant, admitted that abortion procedures are violent (and that abortion victims really do look like pro-lifers’ photos), and has said that re-assembling fetal body parts often elicits “feelings of awe” in abortionists. Harris has also discussed her use of “ordinary kitchen tools” to perform abortions:

Lisa Harris kitchen tool abortion

(Images of press conference credit: Lynn Mills Facebook)

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