Pro-life pregnancy centers, churches, and political offices again targeted by terrorists

Image: Vermont State House Vandalized Janes Revenge threat

Pro-life pregnancy centers, churches, and political offices again targeted for terrorism days after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade abortion decision after nearly 50 years. The latest attacks follow a “night of rage” over the weekend initially suggested by the pro-abortion domestic terror group Jane’s Revenge.

June 30, 2022: Attempted arson at Nashville PRC

A Molotov cocktail was thrown through the first floor window of Hope Clinic for Women, a pregnancy resource center in midtown Nashville, during the early morning hours of June 30. Thankfully it did not ignite, the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) said. The FBI is assisting the MNPD Specialized Investigations Division and Hazardous Devices Unit in the investigation.

A release from the Metro Nashville Police Department states, “Early Thursday morning, officers responded to a burglar alarm at the pro-life resource center where they found the front window had been smashed and an unignited Molotov cocktail-type device was inside. The words ‘Janes Revenge’ were found spray painted on the side of the building as well. According to Metro police, this is the first act of vandalism in Nashville seen as related to the recent U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision.” A spokesperson from the Hope Clinic said the window was replaced. The scene was clear as of 11:30 a.m. Thursday,” the Tennessean reported.

In response to the arson attempt, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee tweeted, “This is terrorism and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Stand with us in supporting clinics like Hope Clinic who provide critical resources to Tennessee families.”

Image: Hope Clinic for Women PRC in Nashville attempted arson Janes Revenge signature

Hope Clinic for Women PRC in Nashville attempted arson Janes Revenge signature

June 28, 2022:  Police in Littleton, New Hampshire, are investigating whether a message — “fund abortion/abort God,” found scrawled on the exterior of a Christian, pro-life pregnancy center — is a hate crime. Chief Paul Smith told the Union Leader that a person from the Pathways Pregnancy Care Center on Redington Street notified his department about the message. Smith told the NH Journal that they have already contacted the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office about the possibility this could end up charged as a hate crime. Michael Garrity, director of communications at the New Hampshire Department of Justice, said the state Attorney General’s Office is watching for Littleton’s results.

Image: Pathways PRC Littleton NH PRC Vandalized June 28 (Image: Union Leader)

Pathways PRC Littleton NH PRC Vandalized June 28 (Image: Union Leader)

“At this point, our office is aware of an incident at the center. The Littleton Police Department alerted our Civil Rights Unit, flagging the incident as one of concern,” Garrity told the Journal. “We are now closely monitoring an active, ongoing investigation being carried out by Littleton Police investigators. Our Civil Rights Unit will ultimately look at how the facts and circumstances of the case develop.”

Executive Director of Pathways Pregnancy Care Center Angel Marshall told media outlets that the incident will not deter them from serving the community. “Empowering men, women, and teens to make informed decisions is a top priority. I am working closely with the Littleton Police Department in this investigation,” said Marshall. “We are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the center’s staff, volunteers, and clients.”

June 27, 2022: ‘Flaming cocktail’ thrown inside Washington PRC

An attempted arson attack hit the Two Hearts Pregnancy Aid center, according to a Jane’s Revenge post published which did not initially name the center. The memo allegedly sent to the Abolition Media blog by email claimed that vandals had a “smashing time with their windowglass and a flaming cocktail…”

An Everett Police Department spokesperson confirmed for Live Action News that an incident took place at the pregnancy center in Everett and said the case has been turned over to the ATF, adding that the pro-life center did not receive any fire-related damage. A spokesperson at the pregnancy center did confirm to Live Action News that a device was thrown through a window of the center, but she could not comment further.

A message published to the PRC’s website confirmed an incident on June 27: “Our building sustained some vandalism during the night on Monday. The authorities were called and the cause of the damage is under investigation. Two Hearts Pregnancy Aid is a non-political, non-sectarian social-service organization. We remain committed to providing material goods and support to expectant parents, babies, and children up to 5 years old,” it stated.

Meanwhile, the handle @alienpigpen cheered her plan to virtually bully PRCs in the area tweeting, “Am delighted to find the two local fake clinics I am aware of (both located very near Founders building of the Everett Clinic in the main medical district downtown) are already on this list and I can bully them virtually. :D”

She had retweeted an anti-pregnancy center post made by actress Lynda Carter, known for having played the TV-version of Wonder Woman during the 1970s.

Image: Virtual bullying of prolife pregnancy center (Image: Twitter)

Virtual bullying of prolife pregnancy center (Image: Twitter)

 June 27: 2022: Portland vandals target church, Christian ministries and First Image PRC

Michael Lawrence, lead pastor of Hinson Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon, penned a detailed account about vandalism received by multiple ministries on June 27, which surround the First Image Pregnancy Resource Center. “About 7:00 p.m. on Monday, three days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe, between 75 and 100 people assembled at a park near the church I pastor in Portland, Oregon. In broad daylight, they marched to our office building two blocks away,” Pastor Lawrence began.

“Half of that block is occupied by our building, which in addition to our church offices contains a nonprofit community-oriented coffee shop, an art studio, and offices rented to a variety of Christian ministries. Our largest tenant is First Image, the local crisis pregnancy and post-abortion care ministry… The other half of the city block comprises church-owned housing, occupied by church members and staff.” First Image PRC, which has multiple locations in the Portland area, had been a previous victim of pro-abortion arson at their Gresham location.

Pastor Lawrence noted that despite a police presence and previous warning of a “direct action” attack, in broad daylight, the “fully masked” vandals circled the block, and within just minutes then, “Using umbrellas and masks to shield their identities from security cameras, they smashed almost every ground-floor window on the side of the building that hadn’t yet been boarded up and covered the building in vile graffiti aimed specifically at Christians.” He then referred to the “level of organization and coordination” as “striking,” claiming the vandals had even sent a “scout” 30 minutes “before the rally to photograph the security cameras and note how to avoid being identified.”

Image: Pro-life Church ministries in Portland Oregon vandalized (Image: Current Affairs)

Pro-life Church ministries in Portland Oregon vandalized (Image: Current Affairs)

The pastor then described the fallout, writing, “One reporter covering the event was assaulted by several in the crowd with umbrellas and mace, but thankfully was not seriously hurt. A few window A/C units were damaged, and there’s a lot of glass to replace and graffiti to remove. But in answer to the prayers of many, there was no fire, no serious injuries, and no further attempts to damage the building,” he claimed.

A June 28 Facebook post by First Image confirmed the attack.

The Hinson Church annex building where the First Image administrative offices are located was damaged by protesters and rioters last night. Our section of the building was boarded up just in time, so no windows were broken. Unfortunately, in other parts of the building, a number of windows were broken. The whole building was heavily tagged, with our First Image side experiencing the most graffiti. We are very thankful that the damage is minimal. Thanks to a group of wonderful Hinson church members, the graffiti has already been painted over.

“Our office and centers are open today. The resilience and courage of our staff is inspiring. We are continuing on in a spirit of hope and courage. Please join us in that same spirit. For those who are concerned and wondering about security:-Private security agents and Portland Police were monitoring the situation last night and were present during the riot.-We are working with the police and other authorities, who are launching a more intensive investigation.-On-site security and upgrades to security are continuing at our locations.

According to a tweet from journalist Andy Ngo, the person who videoed the attack was also assaulted “#Antifa attacked photojournalist @hunnybadgermom multiple times after she refused to follow their orders. @PortlandPolice did not intervene while the building was smashed up nor while she was attacked.”

In the video below the female journalist said, “So, they threw my camera, stomped on my sunglasses… They used those umbrellas to cover-up. This is really sad, my kids were baptized here. And all these people who work here just want to help pregnant women in difficult situations.”

June 25-26, 2022: Jane’s Revenge signature on vandalized PRC in Florida – “We’re coming for U”, “Your time is up” 

LifeChoice Pregnancy Center in Winter Haven, Florida, was also attacked, according to The Ledger. Photos of the center showed the messages spray painted on the center’s building, which read, “Your time is up,” “We’re coming for U” and “Jane’s revenge.” The signature Jane’s Revenge threat, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either,” was also left. The symbol for anarchy, an “A” can be seen in the images spray painted on the center’s sign and near the front door. A security camera was covered with pink paint, The Ledger reported.

PRC Development Director Lyndsy Flanagan told The Ledger the attack took place over the weekend on Saturday, June 25. Police are classifying the incident as criminal mischief, according to the news report — which added that the FBI is also involved in the investigation.

Image: LifeChoice pregnancy center in Winter Haven Florida vandalized with Janes Revenge graffiti (Image: Facebook)

LifeChoice pregnancy center in Winter Haven Florida vandalized with Janes Revenge graffiti (Image: Facebook)

The Center has been open to serve women for more than 30 years, and had sustained vandalism before “but not to this extent,” Flanagan stated. “LifeChoice has and will always be a Beacon of Hope for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Our mission hasn’t changed and we plan to continue our work to help women and families in our community,” the PRC wrote in a statement.

Florida State Rep. Scott Franklin referred to the incident as a “cowardly attack,” calling it an act of domestic terrorism. “I renew my call on the Justice Department to redouble their efforts and bring these perpetrators to justice. Our community will not be intimidated,” Rep. Franklin also stated on Facebook.


More Churches Vandalized

June 27, 2022: In New York, a Catholic Church near Amsterdam Avenue was graffitied with the Jane’s Revenge style threat, which read, “If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you,” law enforcement told the NY Post. “The chilling message, spray-painted in black, was discovered around 5:30 a.m. [June 27, 2022] on one outer door of Ascension Roman Catholic Church near Amsterdam Avenue, coupled with the name of the group, ‘Jane’s Revenge,’ on another door, along with an anarchy symbol,” police also said, according to the report.

Image: Ascension Catholic Church in NYC vandalized with proabortion Janes Revenge threat (Image: Facebook)

Ascension Catholic Church in NYC vandalized with proabortion Janes Revenge threat (Image: Facebook)

June 26, 2022: In Portland, the Catholic Sentinel is reporting that “[a] sign at All Saints Parish in the well-off Laurelhurst district were spray-painted with the ominous message that abortion rights extremists have been using: ‘If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.’ The letters were blood red.” In addition, the paper reports that “The Mother and Child Education Center was vandalized again. It had been hit shortly after a leak of the high court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This time, attackers painted graffiti and smashed windows, causing an estimated $10,000 damage. ”

Image: Portland All Saints Catholic Church sign vandalized (Image: Catholic Sentinel)

Portland All Saints Catholic Church sign vandalized (Image: Catholic Sentinel)

June 26, 2022: In Florida, the entrance sign of Saint Phillips AME Church at 6200 Centerville Road in Tallahassee was vandalized with the pro-abortion message, “My BODY” spray painted in red, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

“We are of course very hurt by this insensible action and we remain in prayer for peace. We call on our community neighbors to join us in the restoration of the church sign. It is indeed a sad day when we see the state of society,” Rev. Lenny Marshall said in a statement to the paper.

Image: Tallahassee AME church sign spray painted with pro-abortion message (Image: Tallahassee Democrat)

Tallahassee AME church sign spray painted with pro-abortion message (Image: Tallahassee Democrat)

In addition to the graffiti at the church, an unknown person spray-painted, “Death to conservatives my body your choice,” along with an anarchy symbol in the roadway of 2000 Morning Dove Road, near Deer Lake Middle School, according to Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) spokesperson Angela Green.

June 27, 2022: In Bellevue, Washington, a man was caught on video smashing glass windows and spray-painting messages all over St. Louise Catholic Church. Messages left at the church ranged from “liar,” to “religion of hate” and “go to your fake Hell,” Fox13 News reported.

Jason Rantz with KTTH radio tweeted additional information, writing, “A 31-year-old pro-abortion extremist was so mad about Roe v. Wade, he vandalized St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, WA.”

KOMO’s Tammy Mutasa also tweeted abut the incident, writing, “Bellevue Police say a suspect who was angry about Roe V. Wade being overturned vandalized the St. Louise Catholic Church & attacked a church employee. The suspect has been booked on suspicion of a hate crime and assault @komonews #komonews”

June 24, 2022: St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Renton was vandalized, according to, “Authorities say the suspect spray-painted messages saying ‘Abortions save lives’ and ‘F!!! you’ all over the building. In addition, almost all the outside locks were jammed with a hardening substance, and four stained-glass windows were shattered. The suspect also broke into the church, stealing money from four donation boxes,” the media report states.

North Carolina GOP Headquarters, Vermont State House, and Indiana War Memorial vandalized

June 24, 2022: In North Carolina, the GOP headquarters was spray painted with the Jane’s Revenge threat, “If abortion isn’t safe neither r you,” according to multiple social media posts on Twitter.

According to the News Observer, “The Raleigh Police Department said it has no leads into the graffiti at the GOP headquarters, at 1506 Hillsborough St. in Raleigh. It is investigating whether other reported vandalism is related to the court’s ruling.”

A statement published online by the political group read, “On the night of June 24, North Carolina Republican Party offices in Raleigh were vandalized with threats of violence following the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. This act was followed by numerous threats over the weekend. It is unfortunate and unacceptable that left-wing activists resort to vandalism, destruction of property, and threats of violence in response to any political views they disagree with. The NCGOP calls on Democratic leaders to denounce these and all threats of violence or illegal activity in response to the Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade,” it stated.

June 25, 2022: In Vermont, the State House was vandalized with a spray painted message that read, “If abortions arent safe you arent either,” according to a News nation report. Live Action News previously reported that a Jane’s Revenge “e-mail” claimed to have vandalized a PRC in Burlington but offered no evidence.


A release issued by the Vermont Capitol Police on Facebook read, “Shortly after two a.m. this morning, an unknown person or persons vandalized the Vermont State House, breaking seven windows across the front of the building. Additionally, ‘if abortions aren’t safe you’re not either’ was spray painted on the front portico of the State House. Damage is estimated in excess of $25,000…. Anyone with information concerning this incident is requested to contact the Capitol Police at 802-828-2273.” They later published a surveillance image of the vandal.

Image: Vermont State House Vandalized Janes Revenge threat

Vermont State House Vandalized Janes Revenge threat

June 25, 2022: A War Memorial in Monroe County, Indiana, was also targeted this week with pro-abortion graffiti, which read “Free the uterus” and “Abort the court.” reported the incident which included the county courthouse in downtown Bloomington took place “in broad daylight around 5 p.m. on Monday, June 27 on W. Kirkwood Avenue.”

The message “Her body her choice” was left on the side on the side of the courthouse, “while other pro-abortion rights messages were scrawled onto a war memorial in front of the courthouse,” including the message “Abortion is not murder,” the media outlet wrote. An image of the vandal and contact for tips can be seen at the MCSO’s Facebook page.

Image: Indiana court house and war memorial vandalized with proabortion messages (Image: Fox59 on Twitter)

Indiana court house and war memorial vandalized with proabortion messages (Image: Fox59 on Twitter)

June 25, 2022: In D.C. reported, “Protesters at the Supreme Court in D.C. were arrested for ‘destruction of property’ after they were caught throwing paint over the barrier outside the Court, according to U.S. Capitol Police.” A Tweet published by the Capitol Police reads in part, “This afternoon two people were arrested for destruction of property. They were accused of throwing paint over the fence by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

An image which may be unrelated was published on social media and can be seen below.

Image: (Image: @ghjohnsoniv on Twitter)

US Capitol Police arrest two for spray paint pro-abortion message
(Image: @ghjohnsoniv on Twitter)

Meanwhile, Radical Graffiti Twitter has published a spray painted message from Chicago suggesting “Fund Abortions” and “F the Church and State.”

Image: Graffiti in Chicago Fund Abortions and F the Church (Image: Radical Graffiti Twitter)

Graffiti in Chicago Fund Abortions and F the Church (Image: Radical Graffiti Twitter)

Pro-choice ‘riot’ in South Dakota ends in arrests

June 29, 2022: reported that on June 29, “An abortion rights march in South Dakota descended into chaos when police deployed “smoke bombs” on protesters, a number of whom were taken into custody.” The group allegedly did not obtain the proper permits, leading to it being called an “unlawful gathering” by police.

“Abort the Supreme Court,” some of the demonstrators chanted, according to the report. “My body, my choice,” others called out.

According to the Argus Leader, the protest became more heated when the marchers reached an area near Lyon Park and were met by riot police holding batons and shields.

Women’s March continues call for “summer of rage”

Meanwhile, the Women’s March is radicalizing its “summer of rage” rhetoric by calling for supporters to “TAKE ACTION ON JULY 9TH IN D.C.” The group’s message seems to call for disobedience: “Are you outraged? Are you disgusted? Are you ready to throw down? We are. On July 9th, we’re taking the fight for abortion rights back to Washington D.C., and we need YOU to join us. We will not be silent. We will not be ignored. And we will not let politicians play games with our lives and our futures. If our leaders won’t take action, we will.”

Image: Women's March SUMMER OF RAGE July 9 in DC put bodies on the line

Women’s March SUMMER OF RAGE July 9 in DC put bodies on the line

Analyses of previous Jane’s Revenge communiques can be read here and here. A state by state list of recent pro-abortion attacks can be read at Live Action News here.

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