Pro-life OBGYN: Abortion advocates continually ‘move the target’ to try to discredit pro-lifers

Pro-life obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Omar L. Hamada took to Twitter on Saturday to point out that when it comes to abortion, the words society uses no longer have meaning. He noted that abortion advocates continually “move the target” in order to dehumanize preborn children and normalize abortion.

“It’s gotten to the point that our words no longer reflect actual meaning – they reflect intended meaning,” wrote Hamada, “In this intentional introduction of confusion so that the Left can continue to deflect, invalidate, redefine, and move the target – Abortion is the primary battlefield.”

He went on to say that according to the medical definition of abortion, it is “any premature ending of pregnancy that results in the death of the fetus/baby/child (more disputed terms) whether elective/intentional or spontaneous/unintended.”

While pro-life groups would argue that in today’s society abortion always means the intentional killing of a preborn child, differentiating it from a miscarriage — which is considered a spontaneous abortion — pro-abortion groups use both the medical definition and the societal definition depending on which one suits their agenda at the time.

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The term abortion has “taken a clarifying turn and infers for the Right ‘the intentional and elective targeted killing of an infant at any stage of pregnancy for matters of maternal choice or convenience,” wrote Hamada. “For the Left, it’s become intentionally confabulated as they state their intended meaning is the original medical/scientific one, yet their intended sociopolitical one is the redefined definition the Right uses. So… they are deceptive in their approach as they use one meaning to promote legislation of another. This ‘moving of the target’, deflection, and attempted invalidation of the Right widens the gap and destroys true debate and understanding.”

This can be seen in the recent use of abortionists by Facebook as “fact checkers” attempting to prove Live Action President Lila Rose is misleading pro-lifers. While thousands of doctors have verified that abortion is never medically necessary because it is safer and faster to deliver a child than to abort the child in order to save the life of the mother, these so-called “impartial” abortionists claim that before viability (about 22 weeks) delivering the child would lead to death so therefore abortion is necessary. In reality, delivering the child despite the low or even non-existent chances of survival because the mother is at risk of death is not the same as deliberately killing the child through abortion. But abortion advocates twist the societal definition of the term in order to attempt to discredit pro-lifers.

This isn’t the first time Hamada has spoken out against abortion. In January, he said via Twitter that there’s “not a single fetal or maternal condition that requires third trimester abortion” after New York legalized abortion until birth.

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