Video: Pro-life leaders expose abortion industry's discriminatory practices

Video: Pro-life leaders expose abortion industry’s discriminatory practices

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As Live Action News reported on April 14th, Chairman Trent Franks from Arizona chaired a Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on  H.R. 4924, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2016, or PRENDA.  PRENDA would prohibit discrimination through abortions that target preborn children because of their race and/or gender.

Rep. Franks invited three majority witnesses who explained why PRENDA is good and necessary policy: Catherine Davis, President of The Restoration Project and founding member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition; Anna Higgins, Associate Scholar with the Charlotte Lozier Institute; and Rev. Derek McCoy, National Clergy Relations Director for Center for Urban Renewal and Education.

Catherine Davis gave a well-researched talk, exposing the abortion industry’s roots in eugenics philosophy and its deliberate targeting of the black family.


In addition to sharing the dark history of abortion, Davis told of present day discrimination against preborn children. She testified that in 2010, during legislative hearings for a bill like PRENDA in Georgia, a young white woman was pressured into aborting her child because of race. At the time she was 14, and her African-American boyfriend was 22. Although the young woman wanted her child, her mother refused to let her bring a biracial baby home. Even though the teenager told multiple staff workers at the Planned Parenthood in Augusta, Georgia, how much she wanted to keep her baby, the abortion was done regardless. She was also withheld the ultrasound she was legally required to have and Planned Parenthood failed to report her relationship as statutory rape.

Anna Higgins spoke to the reality of sex-selective abortions. There are an estimated 160 million ‘missing’ girls from sex-selective abortions across the globe.  Many assume gendercide doesn’t takes place in Western nations, but Higgins stated that recent studies show the practice is present in the U.S. In addition, Higgins shared that advanced medical technologies used to diagnose disease – like prenatal testing – are being used to select the sex of offspring under the guise of ‘family balancing.’ Modern science is also demonstrating that these tests are often incorrect or fail to give the full picture.


Rev. Derek McCoy shared sentiments from the Rev. Jesse Jackson who was once quoted as saying, “Psychiatrists, social workers, and doctors often argue for abortion on the basis that the child will grow up mentally and emotionally scarred. But who of us is complete? If incompleteness were the criteria for taking life, we would all be dead. If you can justify abortion on the basis of emotional incompleteness, then your logic could also lead you to killing for other forms of incompleteness – blindness, crippleness, old age. ”

Rev. McCoy shared that we have come to the place Jackson once warned us of: we are killing children because of their race and gender, which is a form of “incompleteness” in the eyes of some.  Like Davis, Rev. McCoy also highlighted the ways in which the abortion industry has targeted black Americans. In his written testimony, he shares info from the 2010 Census that demonstrates 78% of Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities are in walking distance of Black and/or Latina neighborhoods.


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