Pro-life Greg Abbott wins Republican primary in Texas

220px-Abbott_(cropped)Last night, pro-lifers across the state were happy to hear that Greg Abbott won the Republican primary for governor of Texas. Abbott, who is the present attorney general of Texas, will be running his gubernatorial race against Democratic Senator Wendy Davis.

Davis, who rose to fame during her infamous filibuster of Texas’s biggest pro-life bill in 2013, is diametrically opposed to Abbott’s pro-life views. She rallies in favor of abortion at all costs, including after later-term babies have been scientifically proven to have the ability to feel pain during excruciating abortion procedures.

In their endorsement of Greg Abbott for governor, Texas Right to Life released the following statement by its director, Elizabeth Graham:

Attorney General Abbott has shepherded Texas through the culture war well by protecting innocent human life at all stages. Attorney General Abbott has never backed away from a Pro-Life challenge.  In addition to defending Pro-Life laws passed by the Legislature, he has helped ensure that women have full access to health care services at agencies that are not sullied by affiliation with abortion.  Not only does Attorney General Abbott’s record show his concern for pregnant women, but also his record of protecting all women from the predatory abortion industry is clear.  He is the type of leader and statesman on whom we can depend.

The Texas gubernatorial election between Abbott and Davis will take place on November 4, 2014.

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