Pro-life graphics: just what do they mean anyway?

Spread the message with your own hands!

Perhaps you’ve seen them on your friends’ Facebook pages. Or maybe somewhere else online. Live Action has a good collection of them for you to use, share, and spread. Abolish Abortion has its own collection. Pro-life graphics – exactly what do they say to us, what do they mean, and how can we use them to reach others with the message of life?

Let’s evaluate a few of them together. And as we evaluate them, I hope you’ll get inspired to create your own pro-life graphics! We all have different skills and ways of thinking, so we are all able to reach different people. Don’t discount yourself or think you don’t have something to share. It is always better to put yourself out there and try. You’ll never know – on Earth, anyway – whose life has been affected, changed, or saved because you stepped out and said, “Here I am.  Use me.” And just one life is more than worth the effort it costs you…

Wish for the End to Abortion

This graphic illustrates a group of friends, together, dreaming big. Instead of talking about the latest country music song or looking through a new issue of a fashion magazine, these girls seem to want to get together and wish for change in the world. This graphic can encourage young people to look beyond the shallow issues in life and think about the things that truly matter.  Now, let’s just hope these girls act on their own wish!

Social Justice Begins in the Womb

These days, a lot of young people care about “social justice.” Honestly, that’s great. There’s just one problem. Social justice can be very ill-defined. It sounds great to fight for justice, but what’s this picture of justice we’re fighting for? This graphic does a great job of illustrating that if we don’t start by fighting for justice at the very beginning of life, we don’t truly know what justice is or where it begins. Use pro-life graphics to illustrate the true meaning of a popular phrase or movement.

“How can we expect a righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone who will give himself up undividedly to a righteous cause?” – Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl was put to death by the Nazis for her role in the Resistance. Many honorable historical figures have said incredibly good things about fighting for justice and right causes. People are inspired when we connect famous people, great quotes, and the pro-life issue. And we need to use graphics that inspire people to get up and do something – to be so committed to the cause that they are willing to risk themselves for the lives of others.

Real Men Love Babies 

Ah yes, I love this one. Too many men today get told that abortion has zero to do with them. It’s a woman’s body and, apparently, a woman’s baby. Right? Wrong! Men are equally the parents of unborn babies. Those babies are their sons or their daughters, and they ought to have a say about those babies’ right to live. Moreover, men need to be encouraged to step out and support the babies they’ve helped to create. Real men don’t pay for abortions. Real men love babies and help to raise them. And that’s what this incredible graphic is all about – changing mindsets!

I thought abortion was supposed to be “safe.”

This graphic is nothing short of heartbreaking. And it also crosses the “great divide” in an appropriate way. There is, of course, a great divide in the pro-life movement concerning whether or not we should use graphic photos of aborted babies. This graphic does not show an aborted baby, yet it still effectively communicates the violence and cruelty of abortion. What other creative means can we use to communicate violence, death, and suffering without actually showing it?

Baby’s Bucket List

This graphic has taken a popular and fun idea – a bucket list – and used it to communicate a serious message. An incredible number of human beings have never even “been born” – number one on the list above. It’s great when graphics can take something lighthearted and fun and turn it into something that people will really stop and think about. Think about it now – the absolute enormity of 53 million people never getting a chance to have a birthday.

8 Weeks Old: My Heart Beats. I’m Human. I’m Alive.

This graphic communicates scientific fact and connects it to everyday, logical thinking. The majority of abortions happen before twelve weeks, but at eight weeks – when the baby looks just like the baby in that graphic – the baby’s heart is beating, her brain waves can be measured, and most of the baby’s organs and body systems are in place. Wow. Normally, we use heartbeat and brain waves as a way to measure if someone is dead or not. Why don’t we use those same things to declare when life is present? (FYI: The heart actually starts beating at 21 days, and brain waves can be measured at six weeks.) A major goal of pro-life graphics is to humanize the unborn child. Show to the world what we know to be true! This baby is alive and human, and he or she deserves to live!

 National Pro-Life Youth Rally: Unite

This graphic tells me that I am not alone. When I stand up for innocent life, when I stand in the gap, when I attempt to turn the tide – there is someone standing right next to me doing the same thing. Power belongs to truth, and those with the truth must rise up and act in the defense of those who cannot speak. I am not alone. We stand together. And together, we will change the horror of abortion into the beauty of new life. Life will rise from the ashes our society has created, and it will be an incredible sight to see. Join us!

Okay…there are many more pro-life graphics out there. But there need to be more! You have a unique view and a unique voice. What are your ideas? Can you and your friends get together and create a new graphic? Can you spend some free time creating one yourself? If you have an idea but don’t know how to do the graphic art, can you share your idea with someone who does? Can you encourage people by presenting the facts in a unique way, by showing pro-life people that they are not alone, by demonstrating the violence of abortion in a creative way, by capturing people’s attention through a popular phrase, or by illustrating just how precious life is and just how important it is that we save life?

Let’s get busy, people, and spread the message with our own hands!

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