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Pro-life doctor designs womb-like experience to reconnect people with their beginnings

“When people remember their preborn life, they discover the continuity of living,” says pro-life psychiatrist Dr. Philip Ney. This continuity was Dr. Ney’s impetus for creating CYRYB, a womb-like experience that combines physical and technological elements to simulate nascent development for those of us who have long since forgotten it.

CYRYB stands for “Can You Remember Your Baby-days?,” and the experience aims to renew the original trust and security with which we came into the world, cognizant of nothing yet but the safety of our mother’s wombs. Ney holds that evoking the calming memories of life before birth help to “rehumanize” those who have been dehumanized by abuse in their lifetimes (and these individuals are, in turn, more susceptible to abusing and aborting their own children).

Dr. Ney hopes that “handy” pro-lifers will obtain the plans for his womb design and build them across the nation. LifeSite News explains:

Housed in a 13-ft. by 8-ft. by 10-ft. trailer, CYRYB is designed to be easily towed behind a car or truck to a church or school parking lot, and to be built by handy pro-lifers around the world for a cost of $15,000 to $20,000 in parts.

Dr. Ney offers the plans to anyone for a nominal fee. “I want God to get the credit[.]”

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