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Pro-life advocates rally to Stop the Killing at Carhart’s abortion center

Enough is enough.

On Monday, May 20, Live Action led a Stop the Killing rally in front of the office park where Germantown Reproductive Health Services is located in Germantown, Maryland.

Rally footage:

The rally, an inspiring witness to a community bound together in the common cause of protecting their women and children from abortion, was held in response to Carhart’s brutal, inhuman activity and neglect, fatal to women and children both, in his Germantown facility. Even though the abortion facility is located in a commercial complex and not in a residential area or near a university campus, the protest pulled in a crowd of over two hundred. Protesters gathered on the lawn to present a united front against Carhart’s operations and the damaging effects of abortion. The rally demanded true protection and empowerment of women, justice for Jennifer and Madison Morbelli, and the revocation of Carhart’s license to practice in Maryland.

Speakers at the rally included:

  • Lila Rose, Live Action President
  • Mary Gabriel, Live Action Strategic Development Director
  • Dr. Grace Morrison, Founder of Pray for Germantown
  • Mallory Quigley, SBA List

Investigation into Carhart’s center:

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