Pro-life advocates launch 100 mile prayer walk to keep Ireland abortion-free

From Belfast to Dublin.


Starting at noon Eastern Standard Time today, the Prayer Walk to Keep Ireland Abortion Free will be streamed live via USTREAM.

The 100-mile prayer walk will bolster efforts to keep Ireland abortion-free and will keep the rest of the world updated by hosting a daily stream of their efforts.

Pro-life leaders Rev. Pat Mahoney and Bernie Smith have put together a video explaining the historic campaign.

Yesterday Pat Mahoney posted a video of the walk launch at Belfast City Hall. The walkers were planning on walking 20 miles during their first day.

Rev. Mahoney said in a progress update that “[w]e are now in the midst of our historic prayer walk from Belfast to Dublin to keep Ireland abortion free as we began walking today! This time of prayer is so critical, as the Irish Parliament is poised to legislate abortion this summer.”

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