Pro-choice reaction to NRLC speaker scathing and intolerant


Joy Pinto, a pro-lifer and Catholic radio host from Alabama who runs Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center, made some comments at a pro-life convention that have drawn the vitriol of pro-choicers.

Pro-choice people cannot believe that Pinto had the audacity to leave her home last week, much less broadcast that she is a Catholic, a moral absolutist, and a woman who believes that women deserve better than abortion.

Pinto told supporters at the National Right to Life Convention that she believes the real “war on women” comes from forces who push abortion and contraception on women: “There is a war on women, but we are not the ones waging the war,” she said.

“This is verbal engineering.” Pinto described encountering many women who come to her center for counseling and assistance and believe that abortion and birth control are pro-woman.  She believes that this is a lie that comes “from the pit of hell.”

The folks over at Raw Story reported on Pinto’s speech, and the comments from incensed pro-choice individuals quickly rolled in. Tolerance has always  never been a hallmark of the anti-life movement, and these are just a few examples from the cream of the hater crop:

Mean comments7

Mean comments

Mean comments8

Mean comments5

Mean comments6

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