Pro-choice advocate ‘aghast’ at bad conditions in clinic, but still opposes regulations

An article in the book The Abortion Controversy has a disturbing quote by a pro-choice activist:

In 1989, the Miami Herald ran a story about a local abortion clinic whose conditions were so heinous that one woman died and another was maimed. Abortion proponents admitted that they had known about the clinic conditions but had remained silent for political reasons. According to pro-choice advocate Janis Compton–Carr:

“In my gut, I am completely aghast at what goes on at that place. But I staunchly oppose anything that would correct this situation in law.”

— Misty Mealey “Abortion Is a Social Failure” in Lucinda Almond The Abortion Controversy (New York: Greenhaven Press, 2007). Reprinted from Clinicquotes.

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