Motorcyclists for the pro-life cause

Nuns and motorcyclists? Maybe an unlikely partnership in most endeavors, but when it comes to the pro-life cause, the common ground is wide enough to accommodate anyone who cares about the human rights of the pre-born. This fact is evidenced by the partnership of Pro Bikers for Life and New York’s pro-life nuns, the Sisters of Life.

The bikers are dedicated to raising awareness about abortion in the United States. The mission of the bikers is to “preserve human life through counseling and prayerful presence at clinics where the abortions are taking place.” The organization as founded by Thomas Upshire who is one of the bikers featured in the video below:

The group has established itself in six states thus far, and can be contacted here.

Pro Bikers for Life is not alone in riding for life as Bikers for Life out of Denton, Texas also uses their passion for the open road to express their advocacy for human dignity. Bikers for Life was started by Mark Crutcher’s organization, Life Dynamics. “The biker community is pretty overwhelmingly pro-life,” Mark says. He explains that many bikers, despite their fervor for the movement, perceive that they will not be accepted in the pro-life community because of their rebellious attitude, but Mark has explained to many of them that this is not true. “They have a camaraderie with the unborn because they have a camaraderie with the underdog,” he says.

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