Pro-aborts panic over wave of clinic closings


Despite congratulating themselves on the supposedly “unnecessary” abortion regulations — a conclusion pro-aborts basically came to by investigating themselves — a fairly significant number of abortion clinics have still been closing. And because abortion advocates want abortion to be as widespread as possible, this is like the end of the world for all women, everywhere!

Think Progress whines that more abortions need to be performed in hospitals, because it is more difficult to close a hospital than a freestanding abortion clinic. The Guttmacher Institute is calling it a “dramatic” change. Salon attacked the GOP “anti-abortion crusade”. Feministing mourned the clinics they had “lost”.

But as usual, no one was more hysterical than Amanda Marcotte. She bemoaned the thought of low-income women potentially being incapable of getting an abortion, and then — perhaps due to her hysteria over the thought of less abortion clinics — kind of contradicted herself.

Unlike what anti-choice advocates would have you believe, pro-choicers do not have a secret plan to open an abortion clinic on every corner. But we’d like women to have a bevy of options should the need arise. And the need arises a lot. Twenty-two percent of pregnancies (excluding miscarriage) end in abortion. Every year, about 1 in 50 women will get an abortion, and about 1 and 3 women will get one in her lifetime. And yet, the Daily Beast counted only 724 clinics open at the beginning of 2013. With a medical procedure as safe and common and medically uncomplicated as abortion is, it would make more sense to have a provider in every town instead of the current situation, where a shockingly low number of providers have to put themselves in centralized locations and patients travel out of their way to get to them.

So they don’t want a clinic on every corner… just one in every town. Oh, OK, well, that’s a huge improvement right there! Evidently there shouldn’t be a single town, anywhere, without an abortion clinic (and screw what the local residents of these towns might think), but we should relax because they don’t want one literally on every corner. Phew!

Meanwhile, are things actually as bad as what the pro-aborts are making it out to be? As usual, the answer is no. On its face, 54 abortion clinics closing their doors might sound somewhat impressive. But this took place in 27 states, meaning the number of clinics each state lost, on average, was… 2. Wow. How awful. Nevermind that the majority of Americans support the wave of “unnecessary” restrictions derided by pro-aborts in poll after poll.

The pro-aborts cannot abide the thought of a single clinic closing, and what everyone else thinks just doesn’t matter. At least it appears like we can finally drop the pretense of abortion advocates wanting to keep it “safe, legal, and rare”. They’re finally showing their true colors to the world, and it ain’t pretty. They don’t want it to be rare, and safety isn’t much of a concern, either. All they want is widespread abortion, and to make it as common as they possibly can.

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