Pro-aborts mourn closure of disgusting Michigan abortion clinic

Abortion, abortion, abortion at all costs.

What’s the most important thing to abortion activists? Abortion. It seems obvious, but they don’t want you to think that. They want you to think they’re fighting for things like women’s health, and for reproductive rights, and to end the “war on women.” The reality is, they really only care about abortion.


Photo of Michigan’s Women’s Medical Services abortion clinic.

A perfect example is the reaction of pro-abortion blogger Robin Marty to the closure of Muskegon, Michigan’s Women’s Medical Services. The clinic was shut down after multiple violations were found by the Muskegon Fire Prevention Bureau, and a further investigation revealed absolutely disgusting conditions.

Over at RH Reality Check, though, the only focus is on abortion.

Women’s Medical Services was the victim of a break-in during the early hours after the day after Christmas, and as a result of the police investigation was shut down due to concerns over potential fire code and building code violations. Many of the issues revolved around a leaking roof. Most of the rest involved trash and medical waste issues that may or may not have been there before the break-in occurred. However, the clinic owner has chosen not to fix the violations and leave the business shut instead.

That’s a huge problem for women in Western Michigan seeking access to abortion services. One local television station reports that in the western half of the state clinics are in Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Niles. Meanwhile the rest of the state has more choices with clinics in Flint, Saginaw, and in and around the city of Detroit.

A look at a map makes it even more obvious how much the closing of a clinic in Muskegon effects the rest of the state. Despite the fact that there are still more than two dozen abortion providers in the state even after the closure of Women’s Medical Services, the loss of a clinic outside the Detroit metro area is a huge blow for overall access in the state. The danger lies not just in states like Mississippi, South Dakota, and Alabama with just one clinic. To lose a sole provider in a 100-mile radius is just as devastating regardless as if the state has one clinic or thirty.

There’s not even a hint of concern for the women who had to undergo medical procedures in a filthy, unsanitary environment. Because who cares about that? As long as abortion is freely accessible, it doesn’t matter how disgusting conditions in the clinic are. Abortion activists will turn a blind eye, and they’ll fight any law that might impose any kind of regulations – regulations that even veterinary offices have to abide by – onto abortion clinics. Other pro-abortion sites which covered the passing of Michigan’s legislation to put clinics under stricter regulations, such as Feministing and Jezebel had not a peep to say about this clinic, the poster child for why the legislation is needed. And why would they? It proves them wrong. It proves that abortion clinics absolutely do need to be held to higher standards and increased regulations. Women receiving medical care under the conditions in this clinic is unsafe, to say the least, but the pro-aborts don’t care. All that matters is that the women are getting abortions, even if they’re injured or killed in the process.

It’s because of these pro-aborts that Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors was able to continue practicing as long as it did. Clinics brag about performing abortions in abysmal conditions, and they’re applauded by abortion advocates. Clinics can be found practicing under horrific conditions, but when the state passes a law to rectify that and keep women safe, the pro-aborts are outraged. Why? Because access to abortion might be limited. There’s no concern for the health or safety of the women who would be seen at those clinics, because they don’t care about those women. They care about abortion, and nothing more.

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