Pro-abortion students call for censorship of pro-lifers at Aberdeen University

Pro-abortion students call for censorship of pro-lifers at Aberdeen University

For some pro-abortion activists in Scotland, posters advertising peaceful pro-life gatherings are apparently just too offensive to handle.

A letter, signed by approximately 250 people and groups, called for the removal of posters advertising 40 Days for Life, which is currently putting on a peaceful prayer gathering outside Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. The posters are displayed on the University of Aberdeen Catholic chaplaincy building, which is owned by the Diocese of Aberdeen.

But some students feel that the posters are just too offensive to remain. The letter states:

We feel these [posters] are harmful and make our campus a distressing place.

…Our campus is a place for discussion but displaying material that appears to condemn those who have had abortions is actively harmful. Students, staff and others should be able to walk about campus without feeling attacked by the material that is displayed.

Advertising a peaceful prayer vigil is “harmful” and “distressing?” An “attack” on students and staff?

It’s more likely that this is a case of pro-abortion individuals and groups seeking to censor opposing views.

A spokesman for the Bishop of Aberdeen responded frankly to the demands for removal: “The decision by the Catholic chaplaincy to display a poster advertising a peaceful pro-life vigil cannot in any way be deemed harmful or distressing,” adding, “Freedom of speech and expression should be at the heart of academic life.”

Michael J. Robinson, Director of Communication for Scotland’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children agreed: “The situation at the University of Aberdeen is another demonstration of the increasing intolerance of Student Unions in Scotland, towards people or organizations that respect basic human rights. In their world no one is permitted to disagree with them or hold a differing world view.”

A spokesperson for the University has responded to the uproar by reminding students that the chaplaincy building is not owned or managed by the University, and thus the decision to allow or remove the posters falls outside their control.

Pro-abortion activists in Scotland and elsewhere may better spend their time attempting to formulate coherent arguments against the pro-life view, rather than demanding censorship. But then again, the side that seeks to silence its opponents is often the side that knows it’s losing.

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