Pro-abort confusion: PP says they never claimed to offer mammograms, Media Matters says PP does them

Planned Parenthood has a very cozy relationship with George Soros funded Media Matters. Following the release of Live Action videos in February that showed Planned Parenthood failing to take child sex trafficking seriously, they called on Media Matters for public relations help. See: Soros’ Media Matters Teams With Planned Parenthood to Rebuff Undercover Videos.

Apparently though, they aren’t on the same page right now in responding to  new video showing Planned Parenthood’s CEO make false claims about offering mammograms:


The Washington Post writes:

“a Planned Parenthood spokesman denied that the organization claimed to offer mammograms”

And Media Matters defended Planned Parenthood’s CEO’s comments saying:

Some Planned Parenthood Clinics DO Provide Mammogram Screenings

If Planned Parenthood does offer mammogram screenings as Media Matters says then why would Planned Parenthood deny that they claim to offer the service when they do offer it? If Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer mammogram screenings then Media Matters is spreading falsehoods.

The fact is, Planned Parenthood doesn’t do mammogram screenings themselves.

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