Planned Parenthood’s new abortion numbers–going nowhere but up

Planned Parenthood released a new fact sheet yesterday with updated numbers for their services from the most recent year with data available, 2009. Surprise surprise, abortions are up, and adoptions are waaaay down.

Planned Parenthood’s trend of increasing their abortion numbers continues, with 332,278 unborn children killed in 2009, a 2.5% increase since 2008. The increase represents at least another $4 million in income for Planned Parenthood.

Meanwhile, adoption referrals are down 59%, with only 977 referrals in 2009. Planned Parenthood now does 333 abortions for every single adoption referral. Yes, it’s disgusting.

And, as in 2008, Planned Parenthood performed more abortions than it “prevented,” according to a second fact sheet: 332,278 abortions to an estimated 291,000 prevented. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that without Planned Parenthood, we would have more abortions–it’s not true.

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