Poll: Vast majority of Americans support taxpayer funding for pregnancy centers

Despite numerous attacks on pregnancy resource centers (both literal and legislative) and pro-abortion propaganda, a poll by CRC Research indicates that most Americans support funding them with taxpayer dollars. According to the survey of 1600 participants, which was done this year, this support crosses party lines.

According to an article in The Christian Post:

The survey informed respondents that pregnancy resource centers “provide resources for pregnant women in need, including prenatal care, clothing, diapers, [and] housing assistance,” “empower women to choose life for their child during pregnancy and after delivery,” “allow women to reach their goals and keep their baby” and “allow women facing unexpected pregnancies to keep their baby and give them the tools to achieve success and independence.”

Polling took place between August 3 and August 7, 2022.

Overall, 74% of Americans surveyed said they support public funding of pregnancy resource centers after learning about their services. 

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Notably, even before hearing details about what services pregnancy centers offer, a majority still supported funding. Sixty-four percent of respondents supported public funding of the centers initially, before being told of their services.

This breaks down to 66% of liberals and 65% of moderates. 

Interestingly, Democrats, who tend to be the most pro-abortion of all political leanings, were more likely to support public funding for the centers than Republicans (who are more commonly pro-life) before learning more about them. Liberals were slightly more likely to support funding centers than conservatives.

Screenshot credit: The Daily Signal

Seventy percent of Democrats supported funding the centers before hearing what services they offered. Only 62% of Republicans supported it. Among conservatives, the number was 64%.

Before being educated about pregnancy resource centers, 62% of Independents supported funding.

The high level of support among Democrats shows that pro-abortion propaganda might not be having a significant impact on them, even though they are more likely to be pro-abortion.

Although people who are pro-abortion may be more likely — based on the news and organizations they follow — to hear anti-pregnancy center rhetoric, they are more likely to support funding them even before learning about their services.

After hearing about the services pregnancy resource centers provide, conservatives were more likely to support funding them. Eighty percent of self-described conservatives supported funding pregnancy resource centers after being told what services they offered. Among independents, the number grew to 74%. It was 68% among those who call themselves liberals. 

Broken down along party lines, 78% of Republicans, 72% of Independents, and 73% of Democrats supported funding pregnancy centers after learning about their services. For all groups, support for pregnancy resource centers increased after learning more about them.

This highlights the need to educate people about what services pregnancy resource centers offer.

The poll also asked respondents about their support for politicians. Sixty-seven percent of respondents said they would be “more likely” to vote for a politician who supported funding for pregnancy centers, with 31% saying they would be “much more likely.” Interestingly, 67% of Democrats answered that they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supported funding pregnancy resource centers.

Screenshot credit: The Daily Signal

Seventy-three percent of conservatives would be more likely to vote for a candidate who wants to fund pregnancy centers. Among Republicans, the number is 72%. Among independents and liberals, 62% are more likely to vote for candidates who favor this funding. These statistics show there is wide support for funding pregnancy resource centers across party lines.

When questioned as to whether those who vandalize pro-life pregnancy resource centers should be prosecuted, 80% said yes and only 12% said no. Eighty percent of respondents also said elected officials should publicly denounce such acts.

If an elected official fails to speak out against attacks on pregnancy centers, 59% of voters are less likely to support them, while 26% are more likely. Acceptance of politicians who do not denounce such attacks was highest among Democrats and liberals – but still, a slight majority, 53%, felt that failure to denounce the attacks would make a politician less likely to get their vote.

Sixty-three percent of Republicans and independents said they were less likely to support such a politician.

The results of this poll are very encouraging for pro-lifers. It indicates widespread support for pregnancy resource centers and the services they offer.

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