Police are investigating a possible infant murder, and abortion advocates are furious

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Police in Travis County, Texas, are investigating after discovering the body of an infant found in a shallow grave. While any time a body is found, it seems like common sense to investigate the circumstances — however, abortion advocates are furious. They claim that trying to find the baby’s mother is a ploy by police to somehow criminalize pregnancy.

Last month, a fisherman found the body of a baby girl who was abandoned in a wooded area, naked but wrapped in plastic. Police estimated she had been there for at least several days. “The baby wasn’t buried. She was discarded, thrown away,” Homicide Sgt. Sylvia Leal said in a statement. “The body was left in the woods, lying in a very shallow depression. It’s a miracle she was found so soon after being left. I believe we are meant to find the answers she deserves.”

In a statement released by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, it was revealed that crime scene technicians decided to name the little girl. “Stricken by the disregard shown to the newborn, detectives are determined to find out what happened,” the statement said. “They’re also determined to give the baby dignity, starting with a name, Ivy.”

Detective Ben Wright told the Austin-American Statesman that it still isn’t clear exactly how Ivy died, though an autopsy was conducted on August 25th, of which results are still pending. “So far, the autopsy results haven’t revealed if Ivy was born alive or not,” Wright said. “She could have been still-born and the mother panicked. She could also have been a live birth, then discarded.”

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He also added that they aren’t immediately jumping to the conclusion that the child’s mother killed her. “But it’s also possible this was a case of abuse, covered up by someone involved,” Wright said. “We’re concerned for the mother’s safety and are trying to find her.”

This would seem to be an inoffensive investigation: a body was found, and police need to find out who was involved and what happened. Yet for abortion advocates, this is apparently infuriating — not only do they find it outrageous to treat a deceased infant as an actual human being — but they believe holding a potential murderer accountable could somehow make pregnancy dangerous in Texas.

Andrea Grimes, a pro-abortion journalist living in Texas, sent out an angry thread of tweets slamming the investigation. “…[C]ops have no f***ing business in whatever is going on here — this is pregnancy criminalization in action,” she wrote, adding, “Criminalizing pregnancy — which is what happens when cops are the ‘officials’ running this situation — does not improve public health or make reproductive care safer. This story will make the next person who needs help (rightly) afraid to seek it.”

The account “Abortion Chat,” which is run by pro-abortion poet Lynne Schmidt, started a conversation by writing, “Naming [the child] is so gross.” They further added, “It wouldn’t have happened if abortion was easier to access.”

Of course, this child was discovered long before the Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect, and at this point is not considered to be the body of an aborted baby. Ivy was an infant, an actual human being who died. Why would it be “gross” to name the child unless Schmidt was determined to completely and totally dehumanize infants?

By further claiming that the only problem is that Ivy wasn’t aborted earlier, Schmidt seems to insinuate that she has no problem whatsoever with the murder of infant children — after all, the guilty party couldn’t have an abortion and therefore, who could blame them?

Another person tweeted that if someone finds the body of a dead baby, that person should not call the police, because it’s “none of our f***ing business” and “calling the police would criminalize pregnancy.”

Unsurprisingly, there was no shortage of responses from people who were shocked at the angry response from abortion advocates.

It’s not surprising that abortion advocates are attacking the Texas Heartbeat Act; they’ve been doing so since the moment the Supreme Court refused to overturn it, even though polling shows a majority of Americans support it. As it is, the abortion industry has resorted to using desperate, frantic lies in an effort to turn public opinion against the law.

It’s expected for people so ardently supportive of abortion to dehumanize preborn children, because acknowledging the humanity of preborn children erodes the entire foundation of abortion “rights.” But anger over police investigating the body of a human being, wrapped in plastic, abandoned in a shallow grave?

Abortion advocates frequently claim that abortion is an issue of a woman having control over her own body. If this is the case, then there should be no question about the wrongness of a person killing, or leaving to die, an infant who was no longer part of the mother’s body, as is the case with Ivy.

This has nothing to do with abortion or criminalizing pregnancy, yet abortion advocates are so hysterical in their diehard focus on abortion that the mere notion of people humanizing a baby, empathizing with her, and caring that she died, threatens everything they stand for.

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