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Planned Parenthood’s unethical fundraising scheme

A recent report by the Orange County Register documents how Planned Parenthood is one of many organizations that participate in what are largely believed to be unethical fundraising campaigns. Planned Parenthood uses a commercial fundraising telemarketing firm to raise some of its donations, but donors are likely unaware that only a small percentage of their offering (if any at all) is going to Planned Parenthood (America’s abortion conglomerate). The rest of their money goes into the coffers of the for-profit fundraising firm. The author explains:

One campaign for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in New York had revenues of $2 million – but the nonprofit wound up losing $1.8 million nonetheless, for a return of minus 92.8 percent, according to data collected by the California attorney general.

Doug White, who teaches ethics and fundraising at Columbia University, says he doesn’t blame the for-profit fundraisers. “I blame the nonprofits [like Planned Parenthood] that use them over and over and over again,” he told the Register.

A report from New York’s attorney general on the issue asks:

Why are we allowing such a high percentage of our donations to be paid to a for-profit professional fundraising company? Is that really the best we can do?

Is it surprising that Planned Parenthood would engage in a shady fundraising venture like this? No. Absolutely not. Consider the following telephone exchange between a Planned Parenthood worker in Ohio and a Live Action member posing as a donor:

Ohio Donor: There’s definitely way too many Black people in Ohio, so I am just trying to do my part.

PP Rep: OK, whatever.

Ohio Donor: Well, Blacks especially need abortions, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

PP Rep: For whatever reason, we’ll accept the money.

Ohio Donor: OK. Great, thank you.

Planned Parenthood will take money any way, regardless of whether it is being earmarked for unethical purposes, or obtained by unethical means. Planned Parenthood’s bottom line always trumps.

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