Planned Parenthood’s Mother’s Day tweet backfires

On Sunday, as we honored and celebrated the mothers who chose to give us life, Planned Parenthood tweeted a celebration of their own:

Unfortunately for Planned Parenthood, several Twitter users called out the irony in America’s largest abortion group celebrating motherhood.

Planned Parenthood is right in saying that we should value and respect motherhood, and of course we should strive for “safe” motherhood. However, their use of the word “wanted” reveals one of the major flaws in pro-abortion logic.

Yes, “wanted motherhood” is ideal, but we all know that in many cases babies are not wanted by their birth parents, yet there is no reasonable scientific, logical, or ethical argument why such babies are less human, less deserving of continued life in the womb.

We all owe sincere gratitude to all the moms who gave life, who chose not to end that life through abortion.

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