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Planned Parenthood’s idiotic request

Hand Down

So Planned Parenthood put out a request today over their Twitter account asking for abortion stories. What is so interesting is the sort of stories Planned Parenthood is looking for:

“Congress needs to hear from women who have experienced wanted pregnancies where there was a severe health risk to the fetus, causing the women to choose abortion”

To this I have three points…

  1. So let me get this right. Planned Parenthood wants stories where a human fetus faces a health risk and the solution is to kill the human fetus through abortion? Talk about health risk. Abortion is the ultimate health risk with a close to 100% success rate (few survive)…success at ending human life. And if you don’t believe that is what it does, you need to watch an actual first trimester abortion.
  2. What Planned Parenthood is looking for is not stories from people “who have experienced wanted pregnancies where there was a severe health risk to the fetus,” but rather people who wanted a perfect baby, and any sign that the child may not be fully healthy would eliminate that child, not because A child was unwanted, but because THAT child was unwanted. In short, what Planned Parenthood is doing here is promoting the idea that some people are more valuable than others based on the soundness of their physical condition. Doesn’t that sound a little Nazi Germany to you? If children are unwanted, the problem lies not with the children but with a society that says it is acceptable to deny some children love and their very lives.
  3. As much as Planned Parenthood likes to say that they support all choices, it seems like there are some choices they support more than others. Have you ever seen Planned Parenthood collect stories about a mother choosing to not kill her child or give him or her up for adoption? I’ve never seen it and I doubt I ever will because that isn’t who Planned Parenthood is.

Here is a screen capture of the Planned Parenthood request…

Planned Parenthood Stories

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