Planned Parenthood's fear of a PR 'disaster' unfounded with abortion-loving New York Times

Planned Parenthood’s fear of a PR ‘disaster’ unfounded with abortion-loving New York Times

The 10th undercover Planned Parenthood video from The Center for Medical Progress exposes the fears the abortion giant has if their baby selling operations were revealed.

Deborah VanDerhei, national director for the Consortium of Abortion Providers (CAPS), a committee of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, explains the sensitivity of the fetal harvesting process and how they profit from it. VanDerhei admits:

We’re non-profit, we’re mission-based, that might be kind of a different situation with independents though I have been talking to the executive director of the National Abortion Federation, we’re trying to figure this out as an industry about how we’re going to manage remuneration. Because the headlines would be a disaster.

In another part of the conversation, she says: And think, “New York Times headline,” when you’re creating your policy. And that memo is over a decade old. So one of things that we’re going to do is use this meeting that I’m telling you about this panel in a couple weeks to inform a new memo.”

Of course, that was February, and there were no headlines yet— but there are now. As the Free Beacon reports, Planned Parenthood had nothing to fear since the New York Times seems to love abortion. Here’s a sampling of the headlines the Times has run about Planned Parenthood’s implication in fetal harvesting and born-alive abortions:

“Video Accuses Planned Parenthood of Crime,” July 15

“An Apology Over a Video Involving Fetal Tissue,” July 17

“An Ugly Campaign of Deception,” July 22

“The Propaganda Campaign to Misrepresent Planned Parenthood,” July 29

“The Case for Fetal-Cell Research,” July 30

“Our Sex-Crazed Congress,” August 2

“How to Really Defend Planned Parenthood,” August 5

“Why We Need Fetal Tissue Research,” August 14

“Planned Parenthood Video Was Altered, Analysis Says,” August 28

And as the Free Beacon reports:

The coverage culminated this weekend, with full-blown support and admiration by the Times for Planned Parenthood and all the other heroes that sell fetal tissue.

“Save Fetal Tissue Research, and Save Lives,” September 12

Though Planned Parenthood feared the day the truth about the abortion giant’s crimes might come out for the nation to see, it was a fear that has not been fully realized, because one of the nation’s premier “journalistic” outlets has chosen to violate the obligation of journalism: to report the truth without bias. Instead, it has taken its stand with the nation’s largest abortion chain, offering Americans tips on how to support and defend illegal activity that results in babies being born alive, portioned out, and sold.

Clearly, Americans can no longer call the New York Times a classy news outlet. Planned Parenthood can, however, call them if they want someone to cover their back in baby-killing acts. Then the New York Times will defend them for months without ever glancing at the other side.

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