Planned Parenthood worker quits after seeing aborted baby

Planned Parenthood worker quits after seeing aborted baby

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A former Planned Parenthood abortion counselor talked with Catholic Answer’s Patrick Coffin about why she left America’s largest abortion chain.

Like many former abortion workers, Catherine Adair has a story of her own as to why she left Planned Parenthood. As an abortion counselor, Adair was truly seeking to help the lives of women.

“I think that Planned Parenthood really presents itself as, you know, an organization that really helps women,” Adair said. “I felt that Planned Parenthood was pro-woman, was helping people, was trying to make lives better for women.”


Just months after beginning her new job, Adair noticed the abortion giant was not what it seemed to be. Euphemisms like “product of conception” and “content of the uterus” were used to make light of horrific situations. Just the name “Planned Parenthood” is a term hiding the realities of what the abortion corporation actually does behind closed doors.

“When I started counseling… I realized very quickly that what [Planned Parenthood was] really doing was selling abortions,” Adair said. “And within a very short amount of time, I started really having difficulty processing what I was experiencing versus what I believed about the [corporation,] and about what they were telling people in the general public about themselves.”

Many women go through the terrible experience of having an abortion, and this should never happen. Dr. Anthony Levatino, who performed over 1,200 abortions, explains what a second trimester abortion procedure looks like:

Adair’s turning point came when she was asked to help clean up a room where a female had just experienced a second trimester abortion. Seeing a jar containing the arms and legs of an aborted baby, Adair knew she couldn’t do this anymore.

“I worked as a medical assistant which basically means that you clean up the room after the abortion to get ready for the next patient,” Adair recalled. “When I went into the room I was sort of trying to figure out where things were, and I saw this jar on a side table, and inside the jar were arms and legs of a baby.”

At the end of the phone interview, Adair gave a message of hope to pregnant women seeking help. Pregnant mothers can feel like there are no other options except abortion.

“This child that you are carrying right now, is your child. And you have the opportunity to be a mother to that child,” Adair said. “There are people that will help you, there are people that will listen to you.”

Hear her full testimony about leaving the abortion giant.

Adair coordinates the Respect Life Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Massachusetts.

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