Planned Parenthood uses different organization name to recruit canvassers

Sometimes you really have to read the fine print on advertisements. Not everyone does — and that seems to be the way Planned Parenthood wanted it.

The abortion chain reportedly used deceptive job ads to recruit workers to canvas voters in North Carolina, but it wasn’t to oppose toll roads, as the ad seemed to say. Instead, the recruitment was a front for a Planned Parenthood group — the sole motivation of which was to help Planned Parenthood further its political cause, local news station WBTV reports.

WBTV uncovered the deception in one of its investigative segments when a local resident became suspicious after applying for job with an organization called Community Outreach Group (COG). The job seemed more partisan than advertised, and, oddly enough, didn’t seem to be focused on toll roads at all…


The $15 an hour job ad certainly didn’t say anything about working for Planned Parenthood, but a line at the end of the ad was perhaps a hint:

Community Outreach Group is hiring Outreach Workers to knock on doors and convince people to vote and vote for our endorsed candidates. We’re not happy about the toll plans in Charlotte and we need your help to ensure this boondoggle is reversed. We’ll also be communicating a pro-women’s health, pro-education message.

If you’ve been paying attention long enough, you’ll know that women’s health and education are keywords that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, uses to make its facilities sound like positive community-focused health clinics rather than abortion facilities.

A WBTV undercover reporter asked the local Community Outreach Group office if they were talking about tolls when they went out to canvas, and the truth came out:

“When we’re up in Huntersville, yeah, we talk about the toll roads. We’re also talking to folks about getting out the vote and that sort of thing,” an office worker said. “It all kind of depends on where we are that day and, kind of, what the messaging is that day. It’s not exclusively tolls. When we’re up in Huntersville, a lot of times it’s toll stuff.”

Ultimately, though, the office worker told our producer the group wasn’t affiliated with any anti-toll group and, instead, was a part of Planned Parenthood.

“We’re part of, uh, I don’t know how to describe it,” one office worker said when asked by our producer what organization Community Outreach Group was affiliated with. “In-house vendor for Planned Parenthood,” a second worker said from another room.

And that’s exactly what Community Outreach Group, LLC is—a Planned Parenthood vendor. Its own web page description says:

Community Outreach Group, LLC (COG) is part of Planned Parenthood, but a separate organization that is available to act as a vendor of large-scale advocacy and electoral programs for affiliates, local c4 organizations, Planned Parenthood entities for paid canvassing, organizing, short-term staffing, and full-service campaign management.

The Community Outreach Group was created as an extension of Planned Parenthood to focus on the delivery of high-quality outreach programs. We grew out of Planned Parenthood’s Affordable Care Act efforts in 2013 and tested our program in the 2014 mid-term elections. So far, the Community Outreach Group has helped Planned Parenthood to knock on nearly 4 million doors.

COG’s staff touts the staff’s individual accomplishments at helping to recruit voters to support the abortion chain’s work by electing pro-abortion candidates.

COG’s job bank makes it clear that North Carolina is a mere speck of its focus. Its list reads more straightforwardly, telling applicants exactly what they will be doing to help Planned Parenthood. It seems money is in plentiful supply, based on the sheer number of jobs available.

And Charlotte, NC, isn’t the group’s only Craigslist recruiting ad, by far. While the deceptive language appeared there Craigslist in Raleigh, NC has another COG ad. It omitted the pretend toll road opposition and simply says:

Community Outreach Group is hiring Outreach Associates to knock on doors and convince people to vote and vote for our endorsed candidates using a pro-education, pro-women’s health message.

And a glance at Craigslist in other cities shows COG’s recruitment. On Tuesday, some ads that appeared in Google searches were already removed, but many still remained. They read rather differently in different locales. The New Hampshire Craigslist ad states the Planned Parenthood connection:


However, the Pittsburgh Craigslist ad is more subtle, never mentioning the abortion chain:


Whatever the region, if it’s a large metropolitan area, it seems that Planned Parenthood is trying to get a foothold. Its innocuous-sounding “Community Outreach Group” name and its high pay for such basic work may be a draw for many, but a regardless of the façade, the face behind the organization is still the nation’s number one killer of preborn children.

Ironically, the COG “Values” page declares, “We value every person, no matter what.” But in keeping with true Planned Parenthood values, that seems to have an unwritten addendum: “unless that person hasn’t been born yet.”

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