Planned Parenthood throws temper tantrum against the Supreme Court buffer zone ruling

A story from a guard at a jail recalling  inmates rebellion when they don’t get their way is strikingly reminiscent of the responses from Planned Parenthood regarding last week’s Supreme Court decision striking down buffer zones at abortion clinics.

A worker at a jail, a friend relayed the personality change of inmates when they are denied their desires. The transform from fun, easygoing, well-behaved—until something triggers them. The guard describes an evening watching a playoff game, which was still being played at 9 p.m., the time the televisions has to be turned off. The inmates begged for a bit more time; let them finish they game, they plead. After all it’s a playoff. But he answer is no; rules are rules. And the inmates don’t like that. The guard details the abrupt change in behavior. Some, the guard says, scream as if a crime is being committed, and even rage and kick a 20-feet deep concrete wall over and over. One split is head open from banging it against his cell. All of this from perfectly likable and good behavior, simply because they didn’t get what they wanted.

Hearing this story the same week that the high court unanimously struck down buffer zones at abortion clinics make the parallels seem uncanny. Shortly after the high court ruled against buffer zones, Planned Parenthood began its social media frenzy with a hashtag #protectthezone, with an implied accusation that the Supreme Court had somehow managed to miss the point and victimize the abortion giant, disregarding the law.

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Crying foul, the abortion industry went to work with its histrionic media temper tantrum, much like it did with the Komen Foundation when it pulled its funding from the abortion giant early in 2012. A few days later, Komen had caved. The Supreme Court, unlike a research foundation, isn’t prone to bowing at the feet of abortionists. While no one agrees with all the court’s decisions, generally we agree it pours over the letter and intent of all in the interest of the American public.

Pro-abortion Cosmopolitan joined in histrionic cahoots with Planned Parenthood writing this piece which basically says because pro-lifers gave themselves a media “makeover,” we have fooled the court into thinking we’re non-violent. Criticizing the court for protecting free speech for everyone, the article actually amounts to saying only the abortion industry is entitled to unobstructed speech, and the rest of us be damned if we try to enjoy the same rights.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has used this opportunity to expand its mailing list and donation need, claiming that even though the court has missed it and somehow endangered women by its misguided ruling, Planned Parenthood will fight against them and provide scads of clinic escorts to keep the nasty pro-lifers away.

The abortion giant’s reaction to this ruling reminds us that its concern is only with providing abortions all the time without objection. In its eyes, the government should protect them by suppressing free speech of anyone who might speak against them (ignoring the fact that actual laws are in place which prosecute the few violent, who are not truly pro-life anyway), should provide them money to give all women free abortive birth control, and should, in every way work hand-in-hand with them to do their profitable job—of killing multiple thousands of babies a year, all the while calling it health care.

In a great show of irony, Planned Parenthood posted this picture in its plea for money and escorts. The caption with it read: “Violence has no place in health care. If you agree, stand up and say you’re a Clinic Defender.”

Indeed, it speaks the truth; violence has no place in health care, but the real violence isn’t happening in former buffer zones but inside the clinic itself. The clinic defenders are not inside the clinics. In fact, there is nothing from which to back down. The court didn’t make clinic escorts illegal or in any way restrict abortion laws; it simply allowed others to express their views legally, as well.

Ultimately, to the reasoned mind, Planned Parenthood’s temper tantrums look a lot like an inmate kicking 20 feet of concrete or banging his head against the wall. Just as the guards stand there and let them exhaust all their efforts without caving to their desires, so will the courts and the nation let Planned Parenthood make all the noise it wants without changing its mind. Like it or not, the abortion corporation does have a right to free speech, just as we do. But these inmates won’t get to run the system.

The one place Planned Parenthood thankfully doesn’t have a cohort is in the Supreme Court. In fact in this case, their views didn’t even garner a single vote.

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