Planned Parenthood CEO writes in support of secret abortions on minors

Planned Parenthood supports minors getting secret abortions – that is nothing new. We saw that on display yet again as Planned Parenthood CEO and former Nancy Pelosi deputy Cecile Richards wrote in opposition to the parental notification measure that Alaskans will be voting on later this year. About 40 states have laws that requires a minor’s parents be notified before an abortionist can go ahead and abort a child.

In our Mona Lisa project, we caught Planned Parenthood of Alabama telling us how to violate that state’s parental consent statute. The video of this exchange is below:

Following the release of our video, the State of Alabama Health Department launched their own investigation into this Planned Parenthood clinic which resulted in the state finding numerous violations of law. See: Planned Parenthood Put on Probation for Illegal Abortions on Minors.  The clinic has been placed on probation by the state.

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