Planned Parenthood says #BlackLivesMatter, but it does something entirely different

Planned Parenthood says #BlackLivesMatter, but it does something entirely different

Again and again, Planned Parenthood is found tweeting about Black Americans – Black History Month, #BlackLivesMatter, Ferguson. It would be fair to assume that, with such an interest in the Black community, Planned Parenthood would be pro-equality and anti-racist.

Not so.

Not only are a large number of its surgical abortion facilities found “within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods,” but America’s abortion giant also willingly accepts donations that specifically target preborn Black babies.

That’s right.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 10.10.07 PMWhen asked if Planned Parenthood is willing to accept and use a donation to abort a Black baby, Planned Parenthood happily – “excitedly” in fact – agrees.

Protecting Black Lives reports that “[a]bortion has exterminated 30% of the Black community.” And at the helm of this racist extermination is Planned Parenthood – an organization that receives over $1.4 million in tax dollars every, single day.

Despite Planned Parenthood’s claim that #BlackLivesMatter, its true racist actions prove differently. As I wrote for Live Action back in December, if we want to stand against racism, we ought to stand against Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is nothing less than a genocide – a systematic, deliberate killing – of a group of innocent people. And this group just so happens to include a disproportionate number of Black Americans.

pro life graphic blackChance? Or intentional racism?

Let’s cut past the fancy words Planned Parenthood is so ready to type into Twitter feeds and see for ourselves what the abortion giant is more than willing to do when we talk about whether #BlackLivesMatter.

After watching the investigative video below, here are a few comments viewers made:

    • I can’t even listen to the whole thing. Sickening. They sound so cheerful as they agree to kill black children.
    • Sometimes you just have to show evil for what it truly is, instead of hiding behind the word “choice.”

    • That is so messed up, I can’t believe they agreed with the donator. Black people are the same as white people. Planned parenthood makes me so sick. ALL lives matter

    • Black genocide promoted via a government funded organization . ..God help us all…this is just terrible.


    • So incredibly heartbreaking.

Yes, Black Lives do Matter. So let’s stop Planned Parenthood.

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