Planned Parenthood “relieved” it does not have to answer Health Department question

[Warning: graphic image below.]

The Daily Journal has reported on a “mistaken” request by the Pennsylvania Health Department, directed to Planned Parenthood.

According to a Health Department spokeswoman, an employee took the initiative to ask Planned Parenthood to “provide information about its physicians’ admitting privileges at Pennsylvania hospitals.” But what seemed like a reasonable request was deemed a mistake by the Health Department.

Health Department spokeswoman Aimee Tysarczyk said the department had not asked employees to seek the information. In an email, she wrote: “In this instance, the department’s intent was not to ask for physician admitting privileges information; however, an employee proactively did so without receiving directive to do so.”

She said the department is not interested in the information about physicians and has discussed the matter with the employee.

Two issues arise here.

gosnell, victim, snipFirst, why wouldn’t the Pennsylvania Health Department be interested in details here? The now infamous abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, ran his butcher shop in Pennsylvania – in part due to a lack of appropriate investigation and follow-up by the state regulatory agencies. One could rightfully assume that Pennsylvania couldn’t be too “proactive” or interested in the details of abortion clinics at the moment.

Secondly, what was Planned Parenthood’s response when the Health Department backed off of the request? The Daily Journal reported that Meghan Roach, Planned Parenthood’s spokeswoman, was “relieved” with the Department’s explanation.

Relieved? Relieved that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have to give details on clinic safety? One could rightfully assume that an organization that claims to care about women’s health would be more than happy to voluntarily share the details of its agreements with local hospitals.

Roach offered that Planned Parenthood clinics have transfer agreements with hospitals (and apparently no admitting privileges), but it does not appear that any details were publicly provided. Should the citizens of Pennsylvania take the word of an organization that is “relieved” when details are not required? Should Planned Parenthood be trusted so infinitely?

Given the recent nightmare in Pennsylvania, as well as Planned Parenthood’s record of operating a dirty, nightmarish clinic in nearby Delaware, the initiative of the Health Department’s employee should be praised – and followed up on.

Let’s hope that a current bill in the Pennsylvania legislature – that would require Planned Parenthood’s doctors to obtain admitting privileges – passes. There’s something here that Planned Parenthood is afraid of and “relieved” to not be required to follow at the moment.

The Indiana Gazette reported on the bill’s details:

The Pennsylvania bill would make it a third-degree misdemeanor for a physician to perform an abortion without privileges at a hospital that offers obstetrical or gynecological care within 30 miles.

The bill has bipartisan sponsorship, but has not emerged from the House Judiciary Committee.

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