Why would Planned Parenthood promote an ad featuring a woman who kept her baby?

Planned Parenthood is facing the very real possibility of losing their taxpayer funding, with both the presidency and Congress currently held by pro-life politicians. So their marketing machine has gone into overdrive, as if they are anxious to prove their worth to the American public beyond being the nation’s largest abortion provider. Case in point: an ad released last week, featuring a woman, named Adeline, thanking Planned Parenthood for letting her keep her baby.



I found out I was pregnant, and it was not planned. The most pragmatic option was to get an abortion. I honestly was very conflicted. When I went in to see the actual physician I was a wreck. She took a look at me and said: ‘Something tells me that today is not the day. Sleep on it and then reschedule.’ I wish I knew her name so that I could thank her for the role that she played in making me a mother.

Considering that 9 out of 10 pregnant women who walk into Planned Parenthood get an abortion, it’s odd — to say the very least — that this is the story they wanted to feature. Unless, of course, they’re frantically trying to reassure people that abortion is not all they have to offer. Strangely, it’s actually the shorter version of an ad they ran last year, making it even stranger that they would suddenly reissue an edited version of the ad.

While it’s nice to hear that someone had such a positive experience at Planned Parenthood, as Live Action News pointed out when the original ad aired, not everyone can say the same:

College freshman Addison visited a Planned Parenthood near the University of Houston in 2011 and had a very different experience than Adeline. Addison’s parents suggested she go there to confirm her pregnancy and for prenatal care, not aware of the true nature of their business. They thought Planned Parenthood could help their uninsured daughter and offer her the full range of care. (One could only imagine that others who watch Planned Parenthood’s brief video of Adeline would be duped into thinking the same thing.) Although abortion was never a consideration for Addison and her family, the procedure was suggested to her repeatedly. She left unaided by Planned Parenthood since she did not wish to have an abortion and ended up suffering a miscarriage. She and her fiancé now have a 6-month old, but Addison still wonders if she would have been able to sustain that previous pregnancy had she gotten prenatal care.

Live Action News’ Susan Michelle interviewed former Planned Parenthood worker, Brooke, who stated that if a patient took a positive pregnancy test, she would spend 15 only minutes with her about her “options.” Any more time could cause trouble. In what Brooke says “was totally a numbers game,” she would receive incentives if she met her goal. Women who didn’t want abortions were verbally told that they should get prenatal care and sign up for the WIC program. Brooke didn’t even have flyers to give out.

Many women have reported that at Planned Parenthood they have been coerced and have received deceptive counseling. And as Live Action’s newest investigation shows, women who do choose to keep their babies can’t count on help from Planned Parenthood.

In the first undercover video of Abortion Corporation, investigators contacted 97 Planned Parenthood facilities around the country. Only five of them provided prenatal care. Several of the workers laughed about how their name is “deceptive.” Yet Planned Parenthood continually boasts about how prenatal care is one of the many vital services they provide to women in need.

It didn’t take long for Planned Parenthood to respond to the video. Planned Parenthood claims prenatal care is one of the vital health care services that American women “rely” on their organization for. But this is a lie. After the release of Live Action’s video, women around the country called their local Planned Parenthood facilities only to discover for themselves that the overwhelming majority of Planned Parenthood facilities do not provide prenatal care.

That Adeline was able to keep her baby due to the kindness of one Planned Parenthood abortionist is a good thing. But for Planned Parenthood to use her story as some kind of tool to make themselves look better is distasteful, at the absolute least.

Planned Parenthood does not help women in crisis pregnancies who want to keep their babies, yet they’re happy to use a baby as a prop in their marketing blitz.

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