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Planned Parenthood…public servants or abortion activists?

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that bills itself as a medically accurate (which is very questionable) sexual health provider.

Instead of focusing on cancer screening or how best to lower STD rates (which they have not shown success in doing), most of their focus seems to be on political advocacy, whether it be their fight against the Stupak Amendment (which simply blocks taxpayer funded abortion) or their push to not be required to tell parents that they are about to perform an abortion on their minor daughter.

Now Planned Parenthood of San Diego & Riverside Counties is having an event next month that continues their legacy of political activism with a clear message: If you are Christian, conservative, or like the Tea Party movement, they are against you.

Here is a screen shot from the Planned Parenthood of San Diego & Riverside Counties website that illustrates this:

Here is a screen shot from the Planned Parenthood of San Diego & Riverside Counties Facebook page:

By inviting Michelle Goldberg, the author of “Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism” (a book that attacks Christians who let their political views by influenced by their faith), Planned Parenthood is making it clear, they don’t think Christians should have a say in government.

All of this begs the question, how can Planned Parenthood credibly claim to be a “health provider” for ALL PEOPLE when they are actively working to portray much of the public (Christians, Tea Party, Right-Wing) in a negative light? Does the Red Cross or other public health organizations actively work to portray large segments of the population in a negative light? If Planned Parenthood cared about serving ALL the public, they would drop their subtle and often not-so-subtle attacks on people they don’t like and just serve. What this really shows is that Planned Parenthood has a political agenda that overshadows their desire to serve everyone…even those they obviously don’t like.

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