Planned Parenthood opens 2nd mega-clinic in oregon

Planned Parenthood’s business model is increasingly focused on going big–consolidating affiliates and building giant mega-clinics as their headquarters. Oregon is now getting its second mega-clinic. The largest Oregon affiliate, Planned Parenthood Columbia-Wilammette, built a mega-clinic in Portland last year, and now the smaller Southwest Oregon affiliate is following suite with a 19,000 square-foot monster:

The new mega-clinic will replace the affiliate’s clinic in Eugene, which had begun offering chemical abortions in the last year or so, another office which had housed administrative and educational offices, as well as the center the affiliate had a few miles away in Springfield. The three offices had been within about 4 miles of each other.

Like the new mega-center in Portland, this new clinic is part of a neighborhood revitalization project [!], a 1.4 acre lot surrounded by a chain link fence that is along a riverfront area city planners are hoping to populate with offices, apartments, condos, shops and restaurants.  Planned Parenthood said that it got a good deal on the land. It paid just $600,000 for a location that near the University of Oregon and a community college.  It also happens to be close to the interstate and has a bus stop out front.

Read all about it at National Right to Life.

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